View Full Version : Bring Back Predators

06-22-2011, 09:54 AM
Me and alot more people wants the Predators to Return.
In FCIP there was so fun to play Predator Mode.
And can you guys imagine how cool Ubisoft would make the Predators now when they have better engines and graphics.
And I think Ubisoft should make 2 Different Stories. 1 Without Predators. And 1 Shorter Story with Predators.

So, do you guys want Predators to return?

06-22-2011, 12:18 PM
This topic is available in another post.

As I said earlier I honestly think that Predator mode would have been awkward to work and be as fun if it had been available in Far Cry 2.

Look how clumsy and awkward the players move, slow and the turning curve was dreadful, vehicles were also clumsy because you had to either enter the drivers side or switch seat in multi player then you start the vehicle - the speed of a Predator would have been too great and it would have been a white wash for them - too easy for Pred in FC2, They would have had to handicap them and slow them down (all the fun gone I am afraid)

Hopefully in FC2 they will get the balance just right, and maybe Pred mode would be fun and play good in that mode.

I would like to see it brought back but only if it would work properly.