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11-28-2011, 01:16 AM
So I've been reading a lot about the Poison Theory in Assassin's Creed Embers (towards the end, where Ezio sits down with the young guy and he grasps Ezio on the wrist; many believe that the man poisoned Ezio and that's how he died) and after looking into it I found something incredibly interesting. The man has a Templar Insignia on his wrist. This can be seen as Ezio is waving to Sofia and his daughter as they walk away to a market stall. Proof here:


(I left the timing of that scene on the image if anyone wants to look for themselves)

I know Ubigabe has confirmed that the man is "nobody" but after this small detail was blatantly included into the film it's really hard to believe. The man says in Italian "Have courage old man" as to confirm that Ezio is about to die and then gives that nod that has an odd sense of finality. He gets up says "Get some rest." and leaves. Get some rest? That man knows Ezio is going to die. He has to. I'm convinced the man poisoned Ezio. Or at the very least, that the man was a templar.


12-01-2011, 09:47 PM

Really? No one sees this? Sorry about the double post but this is really bothering me.

12-02-2011, 01:57 AM
It can mean anything. He can be a Templar or it's just apart of the fabric to keep the vambrace together.

12-03-2011, 01:43 AM
so i dont have the picture, but if u go back to when he grabbed ezio hand, between his little wrist guard and hand, it looks like a blade, not sure if that was just lazy artwork, or it was meant, i zoomed in and slowed it down, i really looks like a blade

12-10-2011, 08:00 PM
I don't remember seeing a blade there... but the insignia is very real. You'd think Ubisoft wouldn't have included that there unless they meant to. That can't be an accident.