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04-23-2008, 07:13 PM

I read many opinions about this game, very good opinions and I decided buy it. Now after 2 hours of playing I am a litlle confused. I allready killed 2 targets. First target was fun, all new, I did all second missions, rescued all citizens, checked all view towers in Damaskus etc. and finally killed primary target. I thought "well, it was fun, let's see what is next". My second target was in Jerusalem. Well I did all second missions, rescued all citizens, checked all view towers in Jerusalem etc. and of course killed my secondprimary target...and this moment when I asked myself "Do all the missions look like this? " Damn if it is true this game is boring...

My second question is about killing npcs. Some people compare this game to Hitman but in medieval times. You must stealth to kill people etc. Eccept stealth attack with hidden blade there is no need to go stealth and kill only people we need. In Jerusalem I was walking on streets and kill every soldier I met o.O without any problems. I said "WTF". I was fighting 10 soldiers using only counter attack and after fight I just walked away like nothing happened o.O Do I miss something or this game except cool graphic, awesome fighting scenes has nothing to share ?

Ah and I forgot, our hero can kill 10 enemies at one time, can jump on roofs like Lara Croft or even better but he can'T SWIM. Please...

04-23-2008, 07:31 PM
Do you get Counter-Attack that early? *shrug* I don't remember, though I just finished the game.

Yeah it's all like that, I got bored on my third guy too...so I just got the info I needed and killed the target. But then I felt like I might be missing something, so I completed the 4-9 targets and side-missions completely. Played slower though, it led to interesting encounters.

Guards won't allow you to kill all of them stealthily by the 4th memory or so, heck if you just look at them too long they come after you. And eventually if they see you on the roof they give you about 5 seconds to get down before they call in backup.

The game gets more fun because of that added pressure -- found myself having to run off unless I felt like fighting 20 people (which sometimes when I got pissed off from the ******ed (stuff it PC people) and Drunk guys hitting me near a mark I'd just kill them aggressively and then fight off everything. Helped get my anger at the game out http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_razz.gif).

And yeah I too found it a bit lame that Altair, a master assassin could not swim. But then I remembered the time this takes place in. A lot of people couldn't swim unless they lived by the ocean. I can believe Altair never learned how to swim more than I could other games protagonists.

The only other thing that annoyed me was the Drunks and ******ed guys walking the streets would always be angry at me and push me. Makes no sense that they'd only bug me. That and the beggars...I must have thrown about every single one I found after they impeeded my movement during my move-in to strike. Eventually started killing them too...mainly because they begged so demandingly "No! You don't understand, I have nothing!..." Yeah, now you really got nothing....anyway.

Loved the game overall, but I definitley see where reviews (and people) were coming from when they said the game got repetitive. But if you can stave off that feeling of boredom it gets more engaging due to the higher liklihood of having to fight. Unless you just enjoy fighting all the time -- I preferred to try to stay in-character. The story was also interesting and helped push me through the worst moments.

Director's Cut is BS though...didn't really add anything new, just some 'change-ups' to the already in-game missions.

To go into a bit more detail about your 2nd queston, the stealth-killing being similar to Hitman? I'd never make that comparison...this game is about being invisible in the crowd. If you're alone on a street you're more likely to be spotted ,if you're on the roof you will be as well. If you walk with the crwod, stab as you go by and keep moving you will never be spotted. That's what this game is about. Though your main marks won't be that easy to kill (nor run from since it automatically sounds an alarm even if nobodies around to see you do it).

04-23-2008, 07:32 PM
yes, these are all "problems" because have complained about in the past, and your suspections are true.

The game is still pretty fun, just try to mix things up a little bit to keep yourself interested.

04-24-2008, 12:23 AM
Anyone thats can even play computer games with only moderate skill can easily blitz assassins creed.

There are times I just run through the city getting as many guards to chase me as possible then eventually I turn and fight for like 10 minutes straight haha, but yea, its so easy it makes me sad sometimes. Cant even beat the game and unlock a harder difficulty or anything.