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08-12-2010, 08:13 PM
I was thinking about the actual historical content of both previous games, and how certain things really did happen. the Pazzi assassination plot, the deaths of venetian doges, etc. So I started looking into the time frame of the Brotherhood and seeing what kind of interesting things might be in game. There are a few things that I think will almost definitely show up given the easy transition to the games history and plots, others maybe not so much.

Possible spoilers below

-most notably, for the majority of the games timeline the italian war of 1499-1504 is going on, it mostly involves France, venice, spain, naples and milan. during this time, many problems arise throughout the italian peninsula and the Borgias are involved closely to this war.
-various discoveries and claims made in the new world, the legends of a fountain of youth, gold cities, all sorts of mayan, aztec and incan mythology possibly being brought over to europe.
-various shenanigans involving the Sforza and french in Northern Italy, the Sforza were not in the favour of the Borgia, so this seems significant to the game. there are some more examples below.
-In late 1499, Caterina Sforza was imprisoned in Rome and accused of plotting to Kill Pope Alexander VI(Rodrigo Borgia).
-Michael Tarchaniota Marullus, an Italian scholar and soldier who fought against the French. died in 1500 after drowning in a river. He was in contact with many people from the Medici family.
-in 1500, Serafino dell'Aquila, dies, he was a poet and a member of the Knights Hospitaller. His principal patron were the Borgias.
-Orsino Orsini Migliorati, the husband of one of Alexander VI's mistresses, dies at a young age, of unknown causes.
-in 1501,Columba of Rieti died. This through up giant red flashing lights. She was a beatified mystic nun who was also a favorite of Alexander VI. She was said to have out of body spiritual experiences, one of which was a trip to the Holy Lands. Lucrezia Borgia, Alexander VI's daughter was not fond of her and issued a decree accusing Columba of witchcraft. I'd bet money on seeing her in game.
-in 1501, Cesare Borgia finishes his conquests of Romagna and returns to Rome.
-1501, Agostino Barbarigo, the Doge of Venice, dies. He was mentioned in AC2 I believe.
-in 1502, Cesare Borgia kills Ramiro d'Orco. This, along with some of the other things I've mentioned thus far, are discussed in The Prince by Macchiavelli.
-1502 in Italy, it is declared the Jewish Messiah will return within 6 months.
-Vitellozzo Vitelli, who dies in 1502, an italian Mercanary who was allied with the Orsini against the Borgia.
-In the same year, Oliverotto Euffreducci, another Italian mercenary is murdered partly at the order of Cesare Borgia.
-in 1502, Annio da Viterbo died. He was a multi-lingual dominican friar who is most well known for having created many forgeries of documents, including some supporting a Papal lending agency.
-in 1502, Pietro Bernardino dei Fanciulli a follower of Savonorola, was killed in Florence as a heretic.
-Heres one with all sorts of blinking lights. Astorre III Manfredi, the Lord of Faenza, he was deposed by Cesare Borgia in 1501 and killed in the Castel Saint Angelo the following year.
-between 1502 and 1503, da Vinci worked for Cesare Borgia as a military engineer.
-in 1503, da Vinci started the Mona Lisa
-in 1503, Pierre d'Aubusson, the Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller was killed. He wished to start a Grand Crusade against the Turks. Alexander the VI however, was against this endeavour. As far as I can tell, there is no known place of death.
-Alfonso of Aragon is strangled by Cesare Borgia in 1500.
-Juan de Borja Lanzol de Romaní, dies in 1503. He was a nephew of Alexander VI and elevated to pope by him.
-in 1503, Lorenzo di Pierfranceso de Medici died in Florence. He was suspected of plotting with Cesare Borgia to take control of Florence.
-in 1503 Alexander VI dies in Rome. His successor, Pius III dies less than a month later after he was poisoned at the order of the ruler of Siena.
-Domenico Maria Novara, died in 1504, he was a scientist who taught Nicholas Copernicus. He seems to have started an idea of heliocentrism as opposed to the universally accepted geocentrism at the time.
-in 1504, Macchiavelli and da Vinci become involved in a plot to divert the Arno river from its natural course to force Pisa into surrendering to Florence.
-in 1504, Bartolomeo della Rocca, a scholar of many cryptic pseudosciences was assassinated.
-in 1505, Chrisopher Corvinus, the last prince of the Hungarian Royal house dies and was suspected to be poisoned. Possibly a target of one of the missions you send assassins on? He was only 5, but when Macchiavelli appears in game at one point, he would have been 19, but was the head of the Assassins, so its possible.
-1505, Ivan III, the Grand Prince of Moscow, who conquered large amounts of land and created an autocratic government dies. There is no listed cause of death, artistic license might throw this one in as well.
-Christopher Columbus, 1506, he was known to be abusive in his governance of Hispaniola among other things. Another possible target.
-1507, Cesare Borgia dies.
-1507, da Vinci finishes the Mona Lisa

in addition to this, there were alot of foreign matters I didn't look in to, but I imagine there were far more deaths and events that could be related, but there was so much, I didnt want to try to go into there because that could be a whole mess.

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I think the Mona Lisa may be involved with it. Or just mentioned.

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im inclined to think itll somehow tie in with the truth video.

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Not bad idea, a couple of decent ones we could use for assassinations. A cool end to the game is if we free Leo, he can finish and give us the Mona Lisa!

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welcome? ive been here for 8 years, i just started posting with this account though.

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