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Taken from Dutch newspapers today:

In the Dutch city of Bergen 2 crewmembers, Sgt's John Kehoe and Stanley Mullenger, where buried today at the cemetary. They are united there with the other crewmembers, pilot James d Árcy and Christopher Saunders.

The bodies of John and Stanley remained in the wreckage for all these years. It was considered a "field grave". The bodies of the other crewmembers where thrown clear of the wreckage and buried at the time by the Germans.
Kehoe's sister kept hoping, throughout the years that her brother was found in order to give a proper burial. After contacts had been made (with help from the BBC and The Sun) this has finally happened.
The ceremony was with full military honors, accompanied by members of the Queens Colour Squadron.

The Hampden did not return from a mission to Bocholt on November 8th 1941. On the way back it was shot down by a German nightfighter.

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you had to be a hero to fly a Hampden in 1940 never mind 1941.
As above, RIP to all war dead found and still missing.

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Hi Heliopause,

We Brits are always impressed at the respect shown by the Dutch people towards fallen RAF airmen.

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It is always good to hear that those fallen, when found, are brought home to rest.

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I found more info about this, English text available.
www.thankful.nl (http://www.wkdankbaar.nl/)