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09-12-2010, 07:38 AM
i'm rodc386 and I have given alot of feedback to my favorite game developers. Ubisoft you are one of my favorite so I'm prepared to help you make ruse one of the best strategy base rts games out there.

First off I played the beta and I have to say in impressed with the unique features in this game. I could see that this game has A chance in being a great console strategy rts game.

This is a beta so I also have to say there is alot of work that needs to be done on this game.

•graphics needs to be worked on, this is a rts game so it almost has to be almost in 3d for the player to see exactly what's going on in the battlefield.Also when I zoom all the wAy in to the battlefield I should be able to clearly see a soilders detail appearance,for the vehicles too.

•gameplay controls needs to be worked I should be able to precisely select a unit without any problems, and send them to an accurate spot. And Also this is a military operation I should manually have to put my infantry in a vehicle and tell them where to go, the infantry can't just turn in to a car when I move them, this I un realistic, points will be tAken off this gAme for this. There is no strategy rts game here the infantry turns in to a vehicle to transport themselves.

•this is a world II battle so the scenary has to have a world war II resemblence. Games like command and conquer and Tom clancy's end war both nailed how an rts game is suppose to look and feel like. If this game is nothing close to these games then this game will not sale.

•there isn't enough data that shows the player what's going on in the battlefield. The map location isn't said, I don't know who I am at war with.

•ubisoft game developers if you want this game to sell your gonna have to make it more realistic as well, real events that happened on world war II so at the same time I'm playing I can learn more about what in world war II. And also a more difficult game then what I'm seeing in the demo. In real life it isn't easy run control a whole military operation as a commander, so there needs to be more real life stuff added to this game.
Speaking of realistic I like the fact that you can put your player
s on blitz and you can tell them not to give up on a position, but I if these things are gonna be added make sure there realistic. Things that actually could be done in real life.

•I like the fact the way the production menu is set up. And how you can upgrade to more better units like light infantry to heavy infantry. But this feature needs to be worked on. We have
alot of better units to add to this game. Like light infantry to us rangers to marines to special forces.

Same for the vehicles every real life military vehicle should be added to this game

As a commander I'm suppose to be able to control the air force, marines, rangers, and every other military group. I'm suppose to feel like i'm controlLing the whole military.

Good start but there is work that needs to be done on Ruse.

09-12-2010, 08:26 AM
Your joking right?

09-12-2010, 08:47 AM
I do not know why, but after reading TC comments, i feel like commenting as well.

TC, the demo actually doesnt really do the retail game justice. You have to try the retail game as demo is just a demo.

Anyway to clear you up since i think you havent play the release game:

1. I think the graphic was good for a console RTS. It wasnt great but is good enough to actually see what is happening around considering the scale of the battle.

2. I actually agree on this, control can be sluggish at time especially when you need to click on certain stuff accurately, but for a console control, it actually work just fine compare to many other RTS on console. Not to mentioned is move supported (on ps3) so i am not complaining yet, ds3 work just fine for me. As for military infantry turn to transport truck, i think is actually more realistic that other infantry icon/units. When infantry move, they move with transport truck back during WW2, and when they hold ground, they unload themselves into the battle field to fight. I can't think of how smart eugen is to represent this, rather than having group of infantry running across open land (ya talking about the stamina they have since you emphasize so much on realistic feel).

3. Hmm really? I felt this nail down the WW2 senario quite nicely.

4. Some RTS required minimap to show them what is happening around them, this game, you can just easily zoom out to grasp the whole battlefield. Is much epic in my opinion especially when you are seeing a high stack chip of enemies unit marching to your base, zoom in to see numerous of heavy unit coming your way. In campaign, you will keep updated by your colonel on who you are at war and in MP, you will see those chip in the country flag respectively. No issue for me

5. The campaign is based on lot of real event in europe, although the character might be fictional thou. But with so many battalion during WW2 under a single country, at so many different location, who knows http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

6. No sure about more upgrades, balancing issue might be a problem, i think so far, it was great on the balance of the game.

7. If you are talking about the demo, you are not being given everything yet. Although in the full retail game, you are also be given the command of your unit production step by step, more and more after each mission. But in MO skirmish, you will be given everything, to build whatever you want from infantry, air force, tanks, anti-tanks, and artillery, include the defensive bunker unit + advance war machine too.

So let not waste anymore time here, get the release game and see how your wish unfold. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

09-12-2010, 09:20 AM
Rodc, in the coming weeks im sure we are going to see a whole host of bafoons demanding changes to this game. I hope that you are he first in a long line of casualties in this regard.

Quite simply, youre an idiot.

The game is a masterpiece.

09-12-2010, 09:25 AM
i agree best RTS ever!...exept tha time limit on console haha

09-12-2010, 09:29 AM
Wait, i do have one complaint though. The door handles on the jeeps arent in the exact location of a real 1945 Wileys Jeep.