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08-30-2005, 10:26 PM
I am working on a campaign for the SBD-3 and SBD-5 called "Straight Down". 15 missions into this campaign I realized that I only had 2 objects that are probably not in the stand alone PF version. I changed them to PF objects so that people who only had PF could play it. Then I started to wonder if things I am planning to use are in PF stand alone.

Are the Opel Blitz fuel truck (stationary object) or the Russian ZIS fuel truck in PF? What about the stationary train ammo and fuel cars?

Anyone with just PF interested in testing my missions for compatability?

Thanks for your help.


08-31-2005, 02:49 AM
You coud uninstall and reinstall FB. Then, list the objects and reinstall AEP. Next, list the objects in AEP and reinstall PF.

08-31-2005, 05:21 AM
I could, but I'm lazy.

Besides, someone has provided me the info I need.


08-31-2005, 06:33 AM
Originally posted by Zeus-cat:

Are the Opel Blitz fuel truck (stationary object) or the Russian ZIS fuel truck in PF? What about the stationary train ammo and fuel cars?

Anyone with just PF interested in testing my missions for compatability?


no opel blitz, generally no german vehicle, tank, or artillery.
no zis truck, generally no russian vehicle, tank or artilery
not sure about the train trucks, will check later...

09-01-2005, 06:32 AM
Originally posted by Zeus-cat:

What about the stationary train ammo and fuel cars?


I checked and all train trucks (8) are also in PF standalone, so that's good news http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

09-01-2005, 06:47 AM
I made two lists when I first got Pacific Fighters so I could compare Stand-alone to Merged version. It is based on v3.0 so it is incomplete because of the patches; also it isn't the best list to work from for building missions because sometimes I added parenthetical notes to the object names or even changed the object name for the list. I think the trains are named differently between Stand-alone and merged; also, the bunkers under artillery were the Japanese earthen kind IIRC. Here's my Stand-alone list for v3.0:

Flyable Aircraft (Pacific Fighters v3.0 "Standalone")
A20G "Havoc" (Douglas), 1942
B-25J-1NA "Mitchell" (North American), 1943
Beaufighter Mk.21 (DAP), 1942
F4F-3 "Wildcat" (Grumman), 1941
F4F-4 "Wildcat" (Grumman), 1941
FM-2 "Wildcat" (General Motors), 1943
F4U-1A "Corsair" (Vought), 1943
F4U-1C "Corsair" (Vought), 1943
F4U-1D "Corsair" (Vought), 1943
Corsair Mk.I, 1942
Corsair Mk.II, 1942
Corsair Mk.IV, 1944
F6F-3 "Hellcat" (Grumman), 1943
F6F-5 "Hellcat" (Grumman), 1943
Hurricane Mk.IIb (Hawker), 1940
Hurricane Mk.IIc (Hawker), 1941
P-38J "Lightning" (Lockheed), 1943
P-38L "Lightning" (Lockheed), 1944
P-400 "Airacobra" (Bell), 1941
P-39D-1 "Airacobra" (Bell), 1941
P-39D-2 "Airacobra" (Bell), 1941
P-39N-1 "Airacobra" (Bell), 1942
Hawk 81A-2 (Curtiss)
P-40B "Tomahawk" (Curtiss)
P-40C "Tomahawk" (Curtiss)
Tomahawk Mk.IIa
Tomahawk Mk.IIb
P-40E "Warhawk" (Curtiss), 1941
P-40M "Warhawk/Kittyhawk" (Curtiss), 1942
P-47D-10 "Thunderbolt" (Republic), 1943
P-47D-22 "Thunderbolt" (Republic), 1943
P-47D-27 "Thunderbolt" (Republic), 1944
P-51B-NA "Mustang" (North American), 1942
P-51C-NT "Mustang" (North American), 1943
P-51D-5NT "Mustang" (North American), 1944
P-51D-20NA "Mustang" (North American), 1944
P-63C-5 "Kingcobra" (Bell), 1944
SBD-3 "Dauntless" (Douglas), 1941
SBD-5 "Dauntless" (Douglas), 1942
Seafire L.Mk.III (Supermarine), 1943
Seafire F.Mk.III (Supermarine), 1943
Spitfire Mk.VIII (Supermarine), 1942
Spitfire Mk.VIII-CW (Supermarine)
A6M2 "Zero/Zeke", 1940
A6M2-21, "Zero/Zeke", 1941
A6M2-N "Rufe" floatplane fighter, 1941
A6M3 "Zero/Zeke", 1942
A6M5 "Zero/Zeke", 1943
A6M5a "Zero/Zeke", 1943
A6M5b "Zero/Zeke", 1944
A6M5c "Zero/Zeke", 1944
A6M7-62 "Zero/Zeke", 1945
A6M7-63 "Zero/Zeke", 1945
D3A1 "Val", 1939
Ki-43-1a "Oscar", 1940
Ki-43-1b "Oscar", 1940
Ki-43-1c "Oscar", 1941
Ki-61-ki "Hien", 1941
Ki-61-hei, 1942
Ki-61-otsu, 1944
Ki84-1a "Hayate/Frank", 1944
Ki84-1b "Hayate/Frank", 1944
Ki84-1c "Hayate/Frank", 1944

Non-flyable AI Aircraft (Pacific Fighters v3.0 "Standalone")
B-17D "Flying Fortress" (Boeing), 1940
B-17E "Flying Fortress" (Boeing), 1941
B-17F "Flying Fortress" (Boeing), 1942
B-17G "Flying Fortress" (Boeing), 1943
B-24J-100-CF "Liberator" (Consolidated)
B-29 "Superfortress" (Boeing), 1944
B-25C-25NA "Mitchell" (North American), 1941
B-25G-1NA "Mitchell" (North American), 1943
B-25H-1NA "Mitchell" (North American), 1943
Blenheim Mk.IV (Bristol), 1938
C-47 "Skytrain" (Douglas), 1936
F2A-2 "Buffalo" (Brewster), 1939
Hawk 75A-3 (Curtiss), 1938
Hawk 75A-4 (Curtiss), 1938
PBN "Nomad" (Consolidated), 1942
TBF-1 "Avenger" (Grumman), 1941
TBF-1C "Avenger" (Grumman), 1942
TBM-3 "Avenger" (General Motors), 1944
Avenger Mk.III, 1942
B5N2 "Kate", 1939
G4M1-11 "Betty", 1941
H8K1 "Emily", 1942
J2M3 "Raiden", 1942
Ki-43-II, 1942
Ki-43-II-Kai, 1942
Ki-46-III-Kai "Dinah", 1942
Ki-46-III-Kai Otsu, 1945
Ki-46-III-Recce, 1943
L2D "Showa" transport, 1941
N1K1J "Shiden", 1942
N1K1Ja "Shiden", 1942

Maps/Locations (Pacific Fighters v3.0 "Standalone")
New Guinea
Kyushu (South Japan)
Chichi Jima
Guadalcanal Early
Coral Sea
Iwo Jima
Wake Island
Coral Sea Online 1
Coral Sea Online 2
Iwo Jima Online
Okinawa Online
Palau Online
Pacific Islands
Online 8a Islands

Ships and Amphibious Vehicles (Pacific Fighters v3.0 "Standalone")
Dry Cargo Ship
Liquid Cargo Carrier
USS Lexington CV2 (Aircraft carrier)
USS Saratoga CV3 (Aircraft carrier)
USS Carrier Generic
USS Battleship Generic
USS Indianapolis CA35 (Cruiser)
USS Greenling SS213 (Submarine)
USS Gato SS212 (Submarine)
USS Ward DD139 (Destroyer)
USS Dent DD116 (Destroyer)
USS Fletcher DD445 (Destroyer)
USS O'Bannon DD450 (Destroyer)
USS Kidd DD661 (Destroyer)
USS Casablanca CVE55 (Aircraft carrier)
USS Kitcun Bay CVE71 (Aircraft carrier)
USS Shamrock Bay CVE84 (Aircraft carrier)
USS Essex CV9 (Aircraft Carrier)
USS Intrepid CV11 (Aircraft carrier)
US LVT-2 Tracked Landing Craft
US DUKW Amphibious Vehicle
US LCVP Landing Craft
HMS Illustrious CV (Aircraft carrier)
HMS Prince of Wales BB (Battleship)
HMS King George V BB (Battleship)
HMS Duke of York BB (Battleship)
German Submarine Type VIIc
IJN Akagi CV (Aircraft Carrier)
IJN Shokaku CV (Aircraft carrier)
IJN Zuikaku CV (Aircraft carrier)
IJN Carrier Generic
IJN Battleship Generic
IJN Azizuki DD (Destroyer)
IJN Amatsukaze DD (Destroyer)
IJN Arashi DD (Destroyer)
IJN Kagero DD (Destroyer)
IJN Nowaki DD (Destroyer)
IJN Yukikaze DD (Destroyer)
IJN Fishing Boat
IJN Fishing Boat Armed
JP Daihatsu Landing Craft -- as static ship only in Full Mission Builder.

Armor (Pacific Fighters v3.0 "Standalone")
M3A1 "Stuart"
M5A1 "Stuart"
Valentine Mk.III
Matilda Mk.II (UK)
Matilda Mk.II (Aus)
M4A2 "Sherman" US
M4A2(76)W "Sherman" US
Type 95 Ha-Go (Japanese light tank)
Type 95 Ha-Go Radio (Japanese command tank)
Type 97 Chi-Ha (Japanese light tank)
Type 4 Ho-Ro (Japanese self-propelled howitzer)

Vehicles (Pacific Fighters v3.0 "Standalone")
Willys MB US (Jeep)
M3A1 APC (Halftrack)
M16 US (AA Halftrack)
M3 75mm GMC (Halftrack)
Chevrolet US (Cargo Truck)
Chevrolet Medical US (Ambulance)
Chevrolet Radio US (Radio Truck)
Diamond T US / US-6 "Studebaker" (Cargo Truck)
M3 Halftrack
M3 Halftrack PPL
US DUKW Amphibious Vehicle
LVT-2 Tracked Landing Craft
M8 "Greyhound" (US Armored Car)
Type 95 Kurogane (Japanese Passenger Car)
Type 1 APC Ho-Ha (Japanese Halftrack)
Type 94 Truck (Japanese Cargo Truck)

Artillery (Pacific Fighters v3.0 "Standalone")
M2A1 105mm
M5 75mm
40mm Bofors UK/US (wheeled)
40mm Bofors UK/US (stationary)
.50 Browning AA
Type 88 75mm Flak (Japanese)
Type 94 37mm Field (Japanese)
Type 2 2x25mm AAA (Japanese)
Type 96 3x25mm AAA (Japanese)
Type 98 20mm AAA (Japanese)
Bunkers (Four Styles)

Trains (Pacific Fighters v3.0 "Standalone")
Fuel Train/ AA
Freight Train
Freight Train/ AA
Ammunition Train
Ammunition Train/ AA
Freight and Fuel Train
Equipment Train Type 1/ AA
Equipment Train Type 2/ AA
Epuipment Train Type 3/ AA
Passenger Train
Command Staff Train/ AA

Ground Objects (Pacific Fighters v3.0 "Standalone")
Objects Numbered 0 through 345 appears to be the complete catalogue from FB+AEP v2.04.
Objects 346 to 421 are new objects for PF including dummy aircraft, bunkers, open hangars, and Japanese-styled buildings.
Object 388 is a mortar crew.

Speech Packs (Pacific Fighters v3.0 "Standalone")
AU -- Australian.
GB -- UK English.
DU -- Voice files are same as GB pack.
JA -- Japanese.
US -- American English.

09-01-2005, 03:53 PM
This is above and beyond the call of duty Skycat_2.

Thanks from one cat to another.