View Full Version : my opinion and improvements.

11-24-2010, 12:43 PM
I have had this game for about a week now.
Generally, I have seen very few bugs, but some that I have seen include pop-ups, bodies flying up into the air after they have died, and once I got propelled into the air after jumping from one rooftop to another.

My general opinion of the game is good enough for an 8/10. However, I miss how in the first assassins creed how when you had an assassination contract, you had to find out information about your target through informants and other civilians. I also miss how during a major assassination contract, there were mini video clips of the target in public. For example, in one of the assassination contract missions, you saw the templar doctor mistreating the patients. There was also one where a paranoid templar killed a noble because he was wearing white, and he knew Altair wore white. Finally, there was a part of the first assassins creed where you obtained maps of the guards'routes along the rooftops and streets, and you could plan your attack from there. The first game was also a TON more about secrecy and stealth, but this one and the last are not. Finally, I think the assassin recruit system sucks. There needs to be an option that allows you to design your assassins' loadout. You should be able to decide if your assassins have a wrist gun, or a crossbow, one type of sword, or another. Basically you should be able to design your assasin recruits in the same manner that you design Ezio's loadouts. These little things made a huge difference in my opinion, and I REALLY hope that Ubisoft brings them back in the next assassins creed installment. I hope Ubisoft takes this advice from a very loyal assassin's creed player.