View Full Version : mouse accel options?

03-26-2011, 02:57 PM
mouse accel is something im usually pretty happy with in games that implement it to my liking. AC2 and ACB the mouse accel is excessive. Controlling Ezio feels unresponsive sluggish and erratic. resulting in missing easy jumps much of the time compared to AC1. if thats how its going to be i would prefer it just not be there the way it was in AC1, while the camera angles were terrible in AC1 at least the mouse sensitivity was perfect and the awful mouse accel was gone.

the problem i have with mouse accel in AC2 and ACB is that slower mouse movements result in the character not moving at all or too little. the mouse just feels like its in quicksand. to those that say "turn up your sensitivity or dpi" well that doesnt fix it either. that will just cause more erroneous "oversteer" when you go to do a faster movement, a 90 degree turn becomes a 420 degree twirl. YIKES!

is there an option to turn it off or an INI file i can edit to disable it?

dont tell me to just by a gamepad for a game on "PC" , because i already have an input device, its called a mouse.