View Full Version : First Eagles WW1 Game/(Sim?) Impressions & Questions.

07-14-2007, 04:06 PM
Just got this a few days ago.First up this probably is the best WW1 game available at the moment but is not without is weakness including:

Game does NOT like my ATI X1900XT and other ATI cards by all accounts.I get a crash to death with screeching unless I lower res and graphics setings (I think water/terrain detail is the biggie)I love to hear if theres a cure for this and yes i do have the second patch

There are some obvious bloopers like you can land on water (up to a point -then you explode!)And fly through buildings ...And of course trees a la IL2 (but wacth out for Olegs Conifers!)

There are only 3 planes to choose from ....

This thing is definitely fun to mess around with and very different from Strike Fighters to fly if not set up (Options list including key mapping is almost identical)I suppose its a no brainer that a Spad or Se5a is gonna feel different to a Starfighter but they really do fly sloppily .However you can execute some fun maneuvers when you get used to it.

Aiming/Getting a bead on the target is VERY hard mostly I think because rudder inputs arent great

Like all the Strike Fighters series there are 'rough edges' but the moddability factor more than makes up for it.The mods tend to be of far higher quality than those for CFS3

Anyway Id love to hear opinions and tips from any guys who have this on their pc .And dont just say Go TO The Third Wire Forums !!Just like guys who ask for advice on anything from lawn mowers to sports I find you will get a far quicker reply and usually far more knowledgeable response on almost any topic here...

07-14-2007, 08:32 PM
I had it for about a week and expunged it from my HD. I thought it made OVER FLANDERS FIELDS look like a hard-core WWI sim. Wait for KNIGHTS OF THE SKY, which will be the true gospel. OFF and FE are the equivalent of playing IL-2 with all the easy settings on. OFF is stuck with the lousy CFS3 FM---it is a beautiful, immersive sim otherwise. FE is just low rent. Great for modders and their followers, but not for everybody by any means.