View Full Version : To those with low framerates. Small Fix.

05-08-2010, 12:02 AM
So, being a user with low framerates, especially in single player, I was looking to find ways to up the framerate to make it more playable. Now, before I start, let me say two things:

1. I have a Nvidia GTS250 1gb. This card is plenty powerful for a game of this nature, but its a badly optimized port. Lets hope some patches can help.

2. I have been through the .ini file changing everything I could, never was able to find anything to get better frames. In singleplayer, I get a max of ~54 and a lowest of 26.

I have found something to give me a much, much smoother experience. If you have an Nvidia card, go into Nvidia Control Panel (use global settings if you like, if you know what youre doing add convictiongame.exe as a custom profile) and set "Max pre-rendered frames" to 8 (instead of default 3). This will give you a much smoother experience. If your framerate itself isnt increased, it will at least be smoothed out.

I personally can't stand any framerate below 30, and I was going very smoothly, even dropping into 28 frames and still felt butter smooth.

If you dont have an Nvidia card, go into ATI Catalyst Control Center. You should have the same option in there somewhere, maybe someone can confirm for me.