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08-31-2010, 12:24 AM
For those of you who are fans as I'am of the Assassin's Creed series you will more then likelly agree that Pre-Ordering brotherhood is a no brainer.

However how many of you have bothered to research the Collectors edition befor you did. Probably not many but here is something you may not be aware of yet. It has become common for game studios to offer exclusive content to stores for every pre-order they recieve which is in fact a amazing bonus to those who purchase the game in advance. The problem with this is the content varys from store to store.

Im sure this doesn't seem like a big deal but however what if i told you that in europe Ubisoft has released a Codex edition exclusively for europe which is the same price but includes all of the exclusive content the american consumers are being limited too. Im sure you wondering why we cant have the same edition with the same perks as them well dont worry I asked however im still waiting for an answer but I suggest you begin to ask them as well so hopefully we can discover why it is Ubisoft has decided to limit the content the american consumers are entitled too.

Here is a copy of the question i submitted to them as well as more detials of what im saying

First off i would like to say i'am a huge fan of the assassin's creed series and think you all have done an amazing job on the series and i'am really excited to get my hands on brotherhood when it releases this fall.

My question is in reference to the codex edition of the game you are realeasing in europe only and not in america. I have researched and discovered that this edition is being sold in europe for £69.99 which in the united states currently is roughlly $107 dollars.

The problem I see and im sure other consumers would see as well if they knew would be the fact that the european edition offers far more for the same price.

The Collectors Edition (http://static2.cdn.ubi.com/ncsa/acb/img/ACB_CE_Gamestop.jpg) being released to the united states features the same exclusive singleplayer maps the "Aqueduct and the Trajan market" as the european edition however the huge difference is the added exclusive content.

The Codex Edition (http://www.play.com/Games/Xbox360/4-/15571172/Assassin-Creed-Brotherhood-Limited-Codex-Edition/Product.html) which is being exclusivelly released in europe comes with two multiplayer characters the "Harlequin and The Officer" as well as yet to be revealed bonus which im sure is Ezio’s Helmschmied Drachen Armor and on top of all of this the added DVD Lineage.

All of this content is available to american consumers however they must choose which added bonus they would like to recieve

"The Harlequin" is an exclusive character for gamestop pre-orders

"The Officer" is an exclusive character to Best Buy Pre-Orders

And finally "Ezio’s Helmschmied Drachen Armor" and "Lineage DVD" are exclusive to Amazon.com Pre-Orders

So my question is this:
How is this fair to american consumers who are paying the same amount for the same product but recieving one third what there european conterparts are getting?

Hopefully this information was helpfull to you and if Ubisoft or the development team behind brotherhood answer this question I will post an update. Thank you for reading and for any comments

08-31-2010, 04:20 AM
There are many reasons why different regions get different editions, one being down to retailers wanting 'exclusives'

I know it can sometimes seem like one region gets a better deal than another, for example many people in the UK would prefer the US version of the game, with it's 'Jack in a box' - however the same amount of US customers would prefer the UK version.

I have reported that fact to Ubisoft, so please don't worry they are quite aware of the feelings from the community, what they do in the future though, is something I can't predict at this time...

Can I ask that you continue this discussion in the ongoing thread on the subject, where you will see many post's about this very subject.

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