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02-27-2011, 09:14 AM
Will it be possible to implement barbarian/shamanistic magic to stronghold faction,but uniqe to them,more with ties to spirits of ancestors or animals,than arcane or w/e.

I found that Heroes 5 had good idea with rage,but not developed enough.
For instance i would consider hero you build towards shouts and antimagic to e a mage-like class of the Stronghold faction,but it wasnt enough.
Shouts were too limited and few,and stat gains of heroes made it inposible without artifacts to have decent mana.

However in heroes 6 from what i read ,heroes will have choices of might or magic,and stat development,however i wonder will it be possible for stronghold also.

I surly hope so,but i wont stronghold magic to e tied to rage mechanics that is tweeked,developed and unique .

I am hoping for shamanistic magic to be dependent on amount of rage unit has(higher level of rage on a unit,more potent the spell/shout),with a special tree also which would give shamans ability tu use those higher levels of rage with their spells,like basic would give you ability to cast "spirits of rage" ,and lvl 1 bonus of rage on unit,advanced would give lvl 2 rage bonus on unit and expert would give acces to ultimate or lvl 3 rage bonus on unit.

Since i read bit about stronghold faction on main wbsite,especially of jaguar warrior,and dreamweawer,i was thinking shamanistic magic to draw from background of those 2 units.

Spells/shouts that summon the spirits of animals that empower units in different ways,for instance spell like "spirit of tiger" which give bonus to damage,with lvl 2 rage no retalitataion,and for lvl 3 rage maybe even some aditional active ability to a unit like for example roar that could fear nearby units.

So i was thinking that kind of spells aded in adition to rage boosting shouts we saw in H5,would give stronhold heroes more diversity and depth,with more tactical options for stronghold

What you guys think?

PS-Jaguar warrior looks way bether than his upgrade the panther warrior(bland,and hand weapons/skulls look akward,give him claws that would made any panther out there green with envy),work on him a bit pls,also i dont fond very short legs on dreamweawer,keep the twisted arm,but give him proper leg lenght because he looks a bit like hunchback of noterdam

02-27-2011, 12:02 PM
agree that in homm5 shamanism in heroes 5 was really forgotten...lets see in tribes shamans got less powers only then chief but in he game shamans got only haste(and somthing ele i dont remember now what) but my point is that there was no real shamanistic magic,even shaman hero used shouts.Counting that mage/warior heroes are coming back i hope they will make shaman heroes diffrent from chiefs,shamans use warior rage to cast spells while chiefs uses them to fuel theyr combat abilities.