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03-26-2011, 08:05 PM
First of all, the game is excellent. It's obvious that alot of artistry and overall hard work goes into this series. So congrats to the devs for crafting these superb games.

However, I've noticed a couple annoying bugs involving Ezio animations in SP.

1. When moving onto (both walking and running) a semi-step (e.g. small bench in hideout), as in from a flat surface to a slightly higher surface but not a full step,
there is no gradual animation. Ezio just "pops" from the lower surface to the higher one, making the movement look jolty. I don't think the previous games had this issue.

2. In virtual training (tested in stealth attacks), when attacking an enemy with a running hidden-blade attack, the victim's head is higher than it should be, going "through" Ezio's body when he jumps on them and making the blade look like it's stabbing thin air. This issue is NOT present in Story Mode, which is weird.

3. Ezio's cape:
a) When swinging back and forth on a horizontal bar, the cape jumps up through Ezio's body for an instance.

b) It seems stiff in the air after Ezio stops running, until he moves it over his shoulder again. This is a minor issue compared to the ones above, but still looks a little strange.

Intel Core2 Duo 3.16 GHz
nVidia GTX 260
Windows 7 Ultimate x32 SP1
Latest drivers and updates

I hope the dev team can reproduce and address these issues, because if they are fixed, along with better matchmaking in MP, this game will be perfection.

PS: I will try to capture some screens and attach them here. In the mean time, anyone else who has seen these, please comment.

03-27-2011, 08:25 AM
How about the one where guards and other enemies die before the actual assassination animation, making you stab in the air, while the body is already flat on the ground. Can't recall when or where, I just remember me and my neighbour laughing about it :P

03-27-2011, 12:54 PM
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