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11-27-2010, 09:41 PM
So I'm new to the Assassins Creed games and I really like them. I'm going to get the other two when I get the chance but for now I need some help with Brotherhood...

1. Part of Rome is blocked off, eventually I'll be able to travel all the way across Rome, right? Once I get near the end?

2. What do I get for entering the Followers of Romulus lairs?

3. What are Mausoleums for? What does purchasing one do?

4. What does purchasing a landmark do?

5. Are there any good ways of getting alot of money?

6. How do I unlock the other two guild factions? Besides Courtesans.

7. Is there another place to get items for Shop Quests other then treasure chests?

Thanks for reading, answers are greatly appreciated!

11-27-2010, 10:34 PM
Hey mate, AC Brotherhood will still be good, but I'd suggest playing through the other two beforehand, definitely. Or if it's too late, get the other two then play Brotherhood again. You get alot more out of them playing in order.

But anyways, I'll have a crack for ya.

1: Yes, Rome will "unfog" as you progress further in the game, certain parts of the city are blocked off, because they're not part of the story, or the game yet. Ezio didn't go there before then, in other words.

2: You'll notice at the end of each Lair, that in the shrine Ezio gets a journal piece, with a key attached to it out of the chest. That unlocks the Treasure of Romulus, which can be seen on your map, in gold.

3: I'm not sure what purchasing a Mausoleum does, I'm afraid. I haven't seen one for sale anywhere either, so sorry about that one.

4: Purchasing landmarks allows you use them as either a hideout, or as a way of making money. If you buy a blacksmith, you recieve a portion of income because you re-opened the store. The more places you buy, the greater your income.

5: See above. Tackling the Borgia Messenger whenever possible early on in the game helps, too. He's the man dressed in red, with a white arrow above his head you will see running around the city.

6: Go to the guild factions, purchase them.

7: You'll pick up these things all over the place. You get some of those items in Lairs of Romulus, and you can even get them off guards after you kill them, by looting them.

I hope that helps a litte.

My Only Home
11-27-2010, 10:55 PM
About the Landmarks I was referring more too the Famous ones such as the Parthenon.