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12-07-2010, 07:32 AM
AC games have very large cities, and I think those flags and feathers were placed around to motivate players to fully explore the city.

I personally think it would be tedious to meticulously place collectible items around the world simply for such a purpose.

To me it sounds like a high maintenance task, with low yield results. Once I find all the feathers and flags around some architecture, I really don't feel the need to come back and explore that area.

So here is what I am thinking and it doesn't really remove collectibles, but adds something that challenges the player to really breakdown environments and explore their potential. Plus it can be expanded upon as it is a new type of challenge.

It involves what one can refer to as "call-out" targets.
These are identities you do not find sitting in the city in a particular location. Instead they will come to you, if you meet requirements that get their attention.
The requirements to call-out one of these identities are not strict enough that it can't be done anywhere in the city. Say, for example, rough up enough heralds.

Each call-out target has something you wish to procure. It can be a collectible, such as a flag, or it can be a unique item. Like a weapon, or a type of horse not available anywhere else.

The challenge with call-out targets is that they can't be faced head on. They, and their support, will turn the player into tomato paste if handled directly. Perhaps this guy who comes out has support in the form of rooftop guards with long-range weapons. He is on an armoured horse and can't be knocked off of it too.

The player has to scout terrain, architecture and elements such as thieves, mercenaries, etc. in order to find a good stand against a call-out target, depending on that target's strengths and weaknesses.

So how do you defeat this enemy? Perhaps you find a place you can get to that protects you from above long-range attacks. One that also makes it so the horserider can't easily reach you. Whittle him down to defeat, call over some mercs to cover you, run over, loot the body and high tail it out of there to keep your prize.

The fun is that it can be done anywhere in the city. It is the player who is motivated in looking closely at the environments and breaking down how they can be used as a tool against such challenges as call-out targets.

In GTA3 I remember many obscure locations that had neither a mission nor collectible in them, simply from trying to find a spot in which I could get the army's attention and last long enough to grab one of those sweet tanks they used.
If GTA3 didn't have that army and that tank I wanted to hijack so bad, I wouldn't have given a second thought to that odd mezzanine or alleyway I ran by.


A quick way to sum up what I mean, is to add challenging enemy types that require using the environmental options already found in the game.
The main change is these enemy types are brought to the player's location instead.
This motivates the player to better absorb all the tactical advantages environments possess, as they explore the city.

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