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Score: 2/5

Console: PS3

I won't go into the details of the story of this game, as it is reasonably similar to and follows on from Assassin's Creed II...I'll just go into why I'm not a fan of this game. Since I'm giving this game the lowest of all the games in the franchise I've played, I'll just say that it's not as dull and glitchy as Assassin's Creed, but it takes a lot of the things that I disliked about Assassin's Creed II and makes them central to the game play.

Before I start...some phrases which come to mind for this game:

Vex, vexing, vexatious, trying one's patience, imposition, imposing on you,

The Good:

Still looks as great as its predecessor...some of the touches are great...e.g. seeing flying bugs around a lantern above a herald at night.

The Ugly:

* For me, the most annoying parts of Assassin's Creed II were the side missions which had very hard criteria to complete. With Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, those criteria form the main game...it's not just a matter of doing something to complete a main story mission, you have to fulfill certain criteria in order to get 100% completion for it. These criteria are often absurd and/or arbitrary. So, whilst just completing a mission may be extremely tricky, to get 100% for it can just be plain vexatious. "Vexatious" is an apt word for this franchise...AC:B just takes this to new levels. Of course, you don't have to try and go for 100% completion...I do, when I feel that it achievable...hence my supreme irritation at these missions. It's one of the new elements to the franchise which makes me now want to bail on it...don't feel like I can support the franchise any more.

* Now, it's bad enough that the 100% completion mission criteria are often stupid and arbitrary...it's even worse when you actually FULFILL the criteria and still FAIL! Basically, you have to replay vexatious sections of the game in order to finally have the game recognise that you completed the mission successfully, when it did not do so last time. One assassination required that I use the hidden blade...mission accomplished...but I got 50% completion for it. So, replaying the stupid section again, I used the poison blade...which gave me 100% Sheesh. Inconsistent criteria are also vexatious...you can have two very similar assassination missions as far as the criteria go...in one case using help gave you 100% and in another case it didn't...logically, with that criteria, they both should have given you 100% or 50%, not one of each.

* As with ACII, a lot of the time you will have to replay sections in order to either complete the mission, or in order to get 100% for it. Annoyingly, some missions do not seem designed to be completed by an average gamer first time. Some missions seem geared to be only completable by elite gamers...who are replaying the mission themselves. E.g. one mission requires Ezio to carry a treasure chest to a certain destination in a certain amount of time. I was wary of marking on a map a place to aim for because I thought a cut scene might kick in, robbing me of that info. The time required to carry the treasure chest is very short...so, just a vexatious process of finding out where you need to be and replaying the section when you fail the mission. Even completing the mission to 100% requires very brisk walking with no wrong turns. Vexatious.

* AC:B brings back an annoying feature of the original game...you can dig yourself into a hole which you can't get out of. I.e. in the first game, the 'final' assassination scenario left you trapped in that trajectory and lead into further sequences which you also could not opt out of. This happens again...I was opting in and out of the main story and was looking to improve my status before I made the mistake of taking on one more mission, near the end of the game...from that moment on I couldn't opt out. If you play the main story and don't upgrade, you could find yourself stuffed.

* ACII had the interesting concept of renovating your villa and stronghold. It wasn't really fleshed out...I would have actually liked to have played THAT game, if there was more depth to it. This returns in AC:B, plus you also get the chance to recruit assassins who can help you. Again, I would have liked to have played THAT game IF it had more depth. E.g have the ability to assign functions/roles to assassins or assign multiple assassins to difficult contracts which you yourself play no part in. You can't do that. You can have individual assassin's help you out in general gameplay or have many of them rain arrows down on your enemies which quickly kills them. Since it was annoying how one castle commander you have to kill ran away, I often took the lazy way out by calling on my assassins' arrow storm to kill the target so that I could complete the task. Also annoying is that you can't delegate the training of your assassins...this becomes a chore and a grind to do.

* A new feature of combat is the "Kill streak". I did not get my head around this. It's not just that you have to kill enemies without taking damage, there has to be a particular (unexplained) method of doing so. This feature sometimes goes towards your 100% completion. There is a "Virtual training" component to the game...which has no actual training...you just have to try and do in a virtual simulation what you have to do in the game proper.

* The combat is more involved, especially compared to the original. In the original game I liked the fact that you could easily block attacks on your character but your attacks were rather limited. And for some reason the attacks on you late in the game got through your defences...no logical reason why this should be so. In AC:B, pretty much all the soldiers can break your defences and reduce your health...like I say, this is important at times as far as 100% completion goes. Personally I would have liked the effectiveness of your blocks in AC without the unintuitive and hard to learn moves of AC:B. If you want to master this aspect, it looks like Google and You Tube is your best bet.

* Virtual Training is a new feature of the game...it's like a simulation within the 'real' game. When I first accessed this it had very little activities to do and what there was was dull...flag collecting missions and the like. The flag collecting in the original game was one of the most pointless aspects to that, so doing it in a simulation just seemed awful. Once I finished the game proper, there were more activities to do...poor design to make this feature such a turn off early on in the game...why not just give every simulation right at the start? The "training" aspect to the game is lacking too, however I did learn at least one useful piece of information in this...about how to fall down a level, without jumping ahead. This should be part of the manual's information, and in any case the technique didn't seem foolproof...maybe that's just a reflection of the controller.

* Some of the actions you perform using a controller are also the OPPOSITE of what you want to do. I'm not sure if this is an issue with consoles or not. E.g. You want to climb up a wall for a race but end up kicking off the wall and going backwards many metres. A context sensitive system would be good...i.e. if the AI sensed what would be the smart thing to do in a certain situation and did that...it seems that the controller can be quite vague at times...a little assist would be appreciated.

* Also aggravating...since stealth is nominally the core gameplay here, it's annoying when your actions aren't predictable...e.g. occasionally you'll lock onto an enemy with one button, fire an arrow at him, say, and then note that the arrow bounces off him and you lose your cover and are attacked by multiple soldiers. With this kind of game you really should get predictability...if you lock on a target and hit them with an arrow, they should die like everybody else. You do get a random fail rate here, for whatever reason. If that messes with your 100% completion rate, it's just so much more annoying when you have to replay it again and the same actions don't go awry.

* Annother vexing issue is the camera angles...this franchise continues to mess with your chances of success by having, on odd occasions, such woeful camera angles that you are at risk of failing a mission as you try and quickly rectify the appalling angle.

* In the category of "Isn't this getting old?"...the maps...I'm not one for walking or running or riding from place to place in game...it's just tiresome. Getting from place to place by pointing and clicking to places on the map is loooong overdue.

* The foot races from ACII returns. What was most vexatious about these in that game was that often you didn't get visual of the marker you are meant to hit, so you have to waste time looking for it...meaning you won't pass the race...meaning you will have to replay it again...meaning that once you find the marker you couldn't find before, you may not spot the next one. It's just hugely aggravating doing this dance...and don't even get me started on the absurd logic of this...a stealth assassin...racing on rooftops...near guards...who chase you...and you're doing this...why?

* Much of the vexatious elements of the game could be overcome with multiple save points. If you make good progress, you could 'bank' that and if you get into trouble you can return to the point where you were doing well. Multiple save points or a 'quick save' feature would be great. As it stands, having to replay an entire section instead of just the one which trips you up is hugely vexing.

* I'll mention a good example of a bad assignment here...one of the courtesan challenges involves saving a poisoned courtesan in a certain timeframe. As with many such assignments, it looks impossible. I eventually beat that assignment by just treating the scenario as a game...throwing common sense and logic out the window (based on how the required actions effected the in game world). In this case, you basically had to give up the pretence that you were in a real world, with real people...I saved the courtesan...but I'm pretty sure that dozens would have been wounded as a result of my actions! In the real world some would have even died. Just really silly, really.

* The vexing puzzles from ACII are back...which go beyond logic and common sense and into the realm of specialist knowledge. If you want to get 100% completion I am pretty sure that most people will need to consult Google and You Tube for solutions or advice on puzzles and how to perform kill streaks. In my books that is bad...games should be intuitive and fun, not homework. I'm guessing that the game makers did an elective in comparitive religion or history for their computer studies major...and assumed that everybody should know this kind of stuff!

Franchise rated:

Assassin's Creed - 5/10. Dull. Glitchy. Often pointless and sometimes overly difficult to conquer.

Assassin's Creed II - 6.5/10. Change of tack an improvement over the original...you actually get a proper narrative now and the game is more engaging. It looked to be heading in the right direction.

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Troll Obvious Troll
This....is....your.....5th..thread...complaining about ACB and the series in general. No one cares if your bad at the game and you dont like the series anymore. No one cares if you couldn't get past the last fight in ACB for a long amount of time, it's your own fault. If you don't like the series then leave the forums, it's simple.

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mor then a year after release. no ign or gamespot is going ever to employ you if you are that late everytime

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Originally posted by AntiChrist7:
mor then a year after release. no ign or gamespot is going ever to employ you if you are that late everytime

now **** off wil ya?

brotherhood came out less then a year ago and the guy who wrote the review is a ****** he dosent like the first game so he plays the second he dosent like that either so he plays brotherhood then he comes onto the forums and complains if he didnt like it in the first place why did he buy 2 more games and complain that hes not good enough to beat cesare which is eay but just takes a while

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http://posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/lexielex/K45r6V3mXKd6TDUMBUqokvuVxKeA59AKYVxTfd0R4lGru78zFn PlWcCpV4io/Cool_story_bro.jpeg

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Yes, I agree entirely with the review, and furthermore metahaynu timpaarsyam akkahbawallah flarradooboloo.

... which makes about as much sense as your laughable "review".

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I love how you use the word "vexatious". My roommate thought I was very pretentious when complaining about his vexatious alarm clock.

I agree that the virtual training was boring. At the very least, it could take place on rooftops instead of gigantic plastic blocks.
To get 100% synchronization on missions were sometimes fun, but mostly annoying. I don't want to finish a mission and then see that I only completed "half" of it.

But I can't really agree with your other complaints.

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