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12-21-2010, 01:16 PM

Because I've found no answer, I still put my question again. I'm trying to collect as many flags as possible. On the way from Jerusalem to Acre you see the remnants of a Roman city. On the top of a pillar you've a flag. I've tried to jump from the triumpharch on a pillar and then on the pillar with the flag on top of it. But I lack a few centimeters to land on that pillar; I always fall on the ground. You can't climb on it. How can I reach the flag?

I've another problem. Maybe a stupid one; but still. I have to pick up a box for Leonardo in Assassin's creed part 2. I know how to pickpocket. For taking up the box from the ground I have also to use left shift. But then nothing happens. I've tried several combinations; left shift and mouse, left shift and space. What am I doing wrong? It makes me really angry it doesn't work. Who can save me from total collapse?