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11-19-2010, 03:05 AM
I thought that Ubisoft should have a place to suggest new multiplayer game modes. This is long but good ideas have details!

Suggestion: Race Mode

Have races either on Horseback or On Foot.

Horse Mode:
Objective: WIN the race!
Details: Both in city and in forest/mountain courses. Not much more too it, its a race on a horse. (2-4 players)

For the On Foot races have a Discrete Mode, Sprint Mode, and Rampage Mode. (# of players varies for each Mode)

Discrete Mode:
Objective: Get to the finish without being detected.
Details: If you get dectected your sent back to the starting point or for longer races some other hidden area along the way. (4-8 players)

Sprint Mode:
Objective: Finish the race before the other Assassins.
Details: There would be lots of people the ground and some people on the roof tops to try to slow you down. NO set route first one to the finish wins. (4-8 players)

Rampage Mode:
Objective: Get as many points as you can before all targets are killed or time runs out.


Soldiers and Time:
40-60 targets. Many different types of soldiers. The harder the soldier the more points you get. Time limit of 15 minutes.

Bonus Points:
Bonus points given for using "All the Tricks in the Book." ie: aireal assassination, from a hay or leaf pile. bench assassination, etc. (points given per "trick" not for complete all in one round) Repeating assassination styles (ie: aireal assassination)many times in a match will decrease points value for success. kill streaks give bonus points too. In all Modes Treasure Chest can be found throughout the map. There a very few so keep you eye out for them. However, Treasure Chest are a double edged sword! In Rampage Mode as soon as you start to open the chest you pop up on the radar! If you kill an Assassin opening a Chest you get "Money is the Route of All Evil" bonus. In the other On Foot races there are chest but spending time opening the chest could cost you the race.
In Rampage Mode the money inside is greater than in the other 2 Modes but not so high that it is more valuable than winning the match. (Same goes for Discrete and Sprint.)

Other Assassins:
Spotting other Assassins and killing them will also give points. Escaping an Assassin attempting to kill you will give points too. Waiting time after being killed. If you kill an Assassin that is in pursuit, you get a nice bonus for saving the escapee. If you kill the escapee you get a bonus and if you kill both the Pursuer and Escapee you get the bonus "Two For The Money!" Meaning even if you don't place in the top 3 you get some money and if you do place in the top 3 you get some extra money.

As for radar, only the city layout is visiable. With the except of hiding spots and chase breakers when escaping

General Details:

For Discrete, Sprint, and Horse Mode, the amount of map area would be limited to the course. As for the places, well all maps could potentially be used. Even the maps from Leonardo's War Machines. For Rampage Mode, the entire city could be used. Imagine all of Rome as the playing field! Or all of Venice!

Killing a civilian in any mode will cause a loss in points and for Rampage Mode a lost killing streak aswell. As stated earlier, in Discrete Mode if you are detected your Assassin will be sent back to the starting point or for longer races some other hidden area along the way.

Winner Rewards! (Money/Exp)
Players will get money for winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. This will allow players buy swords, maces, hammers, daggers, double hidden blades, poison, climbing and sprinting speed upgrades, smoke, and all the other jazz from the Story Mode. Capacity upgrades can be purchased and also parachutes.
An upgrade system would be put in place to limit which items can be purchased at certain levels. Exp is gained is equal to the number of points received in any "On Foot" Mode.

What items can be used during a race will depend on the race type. For example, NO weapons can be used for Sprint Mode but parachutes and speed upgrades still apply. Whereas in Rampage Mode all items and upgrades can be used.

I know this was a lot of information but I believe that all of the race types would be great to play. Especially the Rampage Mode.

If you have any suggestions of your own feel free to go ALL OUT with the details or just keep it as simple as a statement for others to build on.

Another idea I thought might be of interest is making Rampage Mode have a team based option too.

Another idea: Gladiator Mode! Have 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, team vs animals, team vs soldiers. No ranged weapons, poisons or smoke for PvP Match-ups. All weapons/items apply for vs soldiers. Money for weapons, items, skills, ARMOUR, and abilities will be earned through both straight victories but betting as well. The higher ranked your opponent the more money you can win. But where does this money come from? It comes from the loser! 1/3 of money won comes from the loser.
***(this is not for betting, this is for straight reward for victory.)***

Each player will start their Gladiator experience with 8000F. When you hit zero your character is reset!!! A weapons are separate from Rampage Mode but Money earned in Rampage mode can be used in Gladiator Mode NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! Level up system will keep players from having lots of money in Rampage Mode and coming to Gladiator Mode and purchasing all equipment.

Gladiator Mode could have to potential for end of the month tournament challenges! Where actual times for matches would be placed. Winner of the tournament would get the Apple of Eden for 7 days to be used in both Gladiator Mode and Rampage Mode. Unlike Story Mode the Apple of Eden would not restrict you from using other weapons.

Far out there idea! For Kinect users (Xbox 360) create Game Modes. That would be pretty sick. It would almost be like being Desmond yourself!!! Running, jumping, climbing, and carrying out the Assassination yourself! That would be so sick.

Once again, please share your ideas. ACB online has so much potential for other Game Modes it would be interesting to see if they actually were designed. Also any comments on my ideas are greatly encourage. If you don't like something don't be a **** and freak out, make a suggestion to remove or tweek the idea.