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03-02-2009, 07:26 AM

Hello All;

I am announcing the start up of the IL-2 Ladders.

Here Squadrons can sign up and challenge other Squadrons and show who is the best of the best..become the " Top Gun " Squadron.

Please sign up in the forums at Team Combat League to post what you feel the rules should be, and so forth we appreciate any input in these area's hope to create a fantastic Air to Air Combat Competitions

And if all goes well we could also create a League Competitions for different senerio's

Right Now is a Air to Air Combat Ladder 1 v 1 / 2 v 2

It will start just as soon as Ten Squadron's start joining up, so come on Squadron's.

I know the idea of Air to Air Combat, against a player rather than an AI pilot is more exciting than ever and too just think, your Squadron's name know as the " Top Gun " of pilots out there in the World..

Well for now this is set up as a team event, meaning Squadron's(Teams'/Clan's) against each other.

But who knows if enough Single pilots sign up, we could always start a Single player Ladder, and you could be known as the " Top Gun " Single Pilot in the world..

Well at Team Combat League's forum we have posted our Beta Rules, which can be altered to more suit game play.

Also we have added a poll to see what other types of Ladder Competitions members would like to see

Please drop by and would love to see your opinion's

Best of Luck to all

Hope to see you there

Team Combat League
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