View Full Version : [Warning.Might contain some Spoilers] ACR crashes

12-31-2011, 10:13 AM
Hi Guys

I'm really ****ed off. I played the game to the part where

you have to save some spies from this guy with the metal helmet (forgot his name in my anger) so i Airassasinated him as suggested and he stood up an fights me

So naturally i tried to defend me and counter one of his attacks and in that instance the game crashes. I thought Hmmm ok lets try again. Now the savegame is right after the Sequence with the airassasination. so i thought "Well ok, not too bad... Oh come on" the game crashed after loading the save.

So basically i am unable to play any further. Great. How about the developers stop working on uplay and all that bull**** that nobody needs and instead test their code and fix the bugs before releasing it.

My System
Win7 64-bit
i5 2500k
HD 6950 with newest driver

So yeah i fullfill the minimum specs by far.

Happy(yeah sure) new year