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03-04-2006, 12:42 PM
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The AFJ is proud to announce that Round 2 of =AFJ=Dedicated ACE Competition will start March 5 and will run 4 weeks. Round 1 has been archived on our website, stats have been reset, and restart on the 5th.

Be the 2nd AFJ Dedicated Server Ace by scoring the most kills from March 5, 2006 thru April 2, 2006 while maintaining a minimum kill/death ratio of 3.0 to 1. Have your name be the second to be added to our Hall of Fame list.

The rules for the ACE Competition will be the same rules of the server. However, to win the title of ACE you must earn your kills; not steal them from others. The AFJ will disqualify pilots who are accumulating their kills by stealing kills. Stealing kills is defined by shooting a plane that is either wingless, engineless, out of control, crashed on the ground, on fire, or has a dead pilot with gun blasting away. In addition to kill stealing the AFJ may also disqualify a pilot if he/she is accumulating kills with dishonorable methods. Dishonorable methods would be shooting smoking planes that are no threat which are flying away from a battle, shooting over the shoulder of a friendly aircraft, or cutting in front of a friendly and taking away his/her shots away. The AFJ reserves the rights to disqualify any pilots they feel are not flying honorably or for any rule violation.

The AFJ is committed to providing a fun fast server for everyone in the IL2 community. Please have fun on our server and show us who deserves to be the 2nd AFJ Dedicated ACE.

Thank you and good Luck.

03-04-2006, 12:43 PM
Vistit our website:

AFJ Home Page (http://fighterjocks.net)

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03-05-2006, 01:22 PM
Is it true that some of your guys were caught cheating in these competition things?

03-05-2006, 07:38 PM
No Sir. We made a mistake on the last round of WEC turniment we flew in and had one pilot that didn't have the 4 minimun required matches fly in the simi final and final matches. We missed the 4 game minimun rule and appoligized to everyone. However, one of the pilots we fired for a different reason took this technicality and blew this out of porportion and claimed we were cheaters. The AFJ does not cheat and if anyone on our squad is caught cheating they will be fired per out Code of Conduct. We just finished another round or WEC since then. This time we made sure all of our pilots were eligible and everthing went well.

AS for =AFJ=Dedicated Competition we are not even competiting in it. This is set up for people can have fun flying on our server and a way to recognize the pilots doing well. We are just trying to provide a fun server for all the PF community.

This post is only for an announcement so please if anyone else want more info on this feel free to contact us at our forum and we will answer you there.

Thanks and Salute,