View Full Version : Boosting Replay Value ("Replayability") Of Far Cry 3

07-05-2011, 10:00 PM
I hope this suggestion is not too late to be considered in Far Cry 3. To maximize the replay value or “replayability” of the game, I hope the game has an option in the form of a dedicated screen/window with an expandable tree menu for “cheats”: to enable/disable and modify detailed features of the main character, enemies, NPCs and even the entire world. This includes God mode, enabling/disabling access to all weapons, give all weapons to main character, modify damage of ammo, enable/disable unlimited ammo for main character, change gravity for the entire world or just for main character, change speed of timeflow, etc etc. Such level of control can be changed during in-game for single person, or agreed by players before the start of a game for multiplayer mode.

With such level of control for example, friends could duel in multiplayer amongst themselves with bullets that detonate the likes of missiles, jump 200m in the air and rain down bombs on enemies below, run 200kmh and slice down enemies, etc etc. Or, for a person in single player mode to leisurely explore the island via the glider and experimentally burn everything in sight. The possibilities are near endless and maximize replayability of the game in nearly every way.

Of course the Far Cry community can, to a certain level, create “trainers” and mods to control the game features, but that does not count officially for replayability when the game is reviewed by other parties such as PC GAMER, IGN, etc. I hope that with this small addition of a “cheats” window/screen will boost the replay value of Far Cry 3 to the max.

Just my two cents worth.