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12-05-2009, 07:05 PM
I loved both AC1 and 2 they're probably my favorite games of all time but AC2 did disapoint me a little. What would I like to see in AC3? well...

Combat: AC2 combat was too slow I actually liked the first one better. How to make it faster?: I think you should use the Y/? button more, even if that blows the marionet control style. Make so that the differnt combinations of Y/? and X/? result in different combos, instead of randomizing wich combo you'll get. This way you'll get 8 different combos max. for every weapon just by stiking 3 hits at the right time (combining them of course).

Free running: make it smoother of course, and add more moves like wallrunnig, rolling, or sliding, but keep it as realystic as posible nothing like the exagerated prince of persia wallrunnig please.

Missions: every missions should have different approaches and make the stealthy ones really stealthy.

Mapping/cities: take what you did in the secret locations/prince of persia areas and make it bigger, you should make at least one district (or one for every city, much better) entirely underground. Take the gears of war/resident evil 5 undergroung temples and civilizations and make them even bigger. Don't think of it as a one path mission but a as whole city full of things to do. Make them kind of like a maze both horizontaly and verticaly, with many paths. Being underground doesn't mean they should be uninhabited.

Weapons: I'd like to see bow and arrow (perhaps as a strategic aproach), double sword, and some fire (kind of like the smoke bombs or a fiery arrow). Also make the assassin "dance" while fighting or "juggle" with his weapons, that alone would be delighting to see.

Setting: I'd like it if this wasn't the last game of Desmond's story, please expand it to at least four (you know you want to), but you SHOULD give him a more staring role, give him more time outside the Animus, and give him one or two small missions outside of the Animus too (maybe indoors so it doesn't spoil the outside world for the last game).
There ar many historic settings left but I'd like to see it not reaching the IX-XX century, please don't give us a world full of automatic firearms. It shouldn't go further than then French Revolution. What about the colonies in America? the Caribean would be nice to see. Also Spain wouldn't be bad, depending on the time period.

Story: you should make a story tha revolves around two assassins instead of one (I don't mean Desmond) make the story about the love-hate relationship between them. Make them brothers or something really close, one of them betraits the Hassassins Brotherhood and gets pulled "into the darkness" by the Templars without even knowing it, so the other (you) needs to stop him, not necessarily by killing him but trying to talk him out (since his your brother), so it wouldn't need be a story about revenge. So the first half of the game being getting to him (you still don't know the Templars are behind it), and the other going after the Templars (NOW it is revenge).
Make the main character darker, let's say he is no longer an assassin, he is "retired", this doesn't necessarily means he is old, he could have being injured during combat making him "unable to fight". But now he is force to step in once again.
Also please give us more info on the main story, the only new thing I learned from AC2 was when he got out of the Animus and on the Finale, so it didn't bring much to the series.
I would also like to see more of a brotherhood sense like in AC1, I didn't get that in the second untill the end, and still I didn't get at all.

Ok I think that's all I can come up with right now. Please Ubisoft hear me out!

Oh and also give Desmond more hallucinations/visions, this could replace the Animus in the final game (whether its 3, 4 or 10). Some of this vissions could involve the 6 assassins of the crypt.

Aside from all this I this let's speculate a little. SPOILER ALERTS.
I think Desmond is going to keep on using the Animus, I believe what Minerva said on findind the Temples she ment finding them in the past through more ancestors. So going back to the Animus doesn't really mean he's going there just to learn more abilities. And that means AC3 doesn't need to be the last.
Also I beliave Desmond is going to uncover a conspiracy inside the assassins organization too, making him probably fight both Templars and Assassins.

12-05-2009, 07:24 PM
I think they should take some of IGN's (http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/105/1052286p1.html) advice, except for the setting being set in the 1700's.

12-05-2009, 07:36 PM
I did take some idead from IGN, though most of them i didn't agree with.
I think what Desmond (through his ancestors) will find in the temples is not a piece of eden or something like that but more messages from "The ones who came before".

12-05-2009, 09:54 PM
well, ultimately, he'll hopefully find the means to stop the end of world from happening through those temples (which we all know he will http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif )