View Full Version : Host Advantage

04-30-2010, 12:43 PM
Ok so here it is, why is it everygame i join the host (archer) always seems to have a massive movement/shooting/grab speed improvement over me. I think every faceoff iv joined so far has been hosted by Brits or something now west coast because its really annoying, and i wish i could atleast say something in chat to let the player know.

So many times i see the guy running at me, and i can shoot him because the slow down from lag is so much yet he just runs up to be and snaps my neck.

Doesnt happen on LAN its crisp but online faceoff sucks. I only played 1 round yesterday with a guy who had a someone decent connection with me.

Ubisoft needs to add a filter for searching for servers only in areas you select.

But they got lots of other problems to deal with right now anyways