View Full Version : Anybody playing IL-2 on a MacBook Pro (via Boot Camp)

08-06-2008, 04:03 AM
I really prefer Macs over PCs for everyday computing, but I'd of course like to play IL-2 and SOW: BoB when it comes out. There's a YouTube video of the Black Death track being played on a MacBook Pro, but it's much different to view things from outside the cockpit as opposed to being inside the cockpit, where you can feel the game lag from your input, etc. Can anybody tell me how the game plays? I would really appreciate it. If you could also put in what your specs are (processor/graphics/RAM) that'd be great.


08-06-2008, 06:41 AM
I have a MacBook Pro. I haven't tried IL-2 on it, but I did try games on my '04 Apple Powerbook laptop. Ran into serious heating problems, and this was with old stuff like "Panzer Commander" and some low def naval games. Back of the 'puter felt very hot, fans were going crazy, and often had crashes. I'm going to use a Mac tower and Boot Camp for my next game computer. Not wild about PCs.

08-06-2008, 07:26 AM
Yo, I've tried it out, but somewhere along the line either bootcamp or windows xp on my macbook pro ran into serious stability issues and would crash constantly. It seemed to be fine and stable for a little while, played oblivion on the MBP fine a few times (sure smoked my desktop), but maybe it didnt' like the track ir and joystick drivers or something because shortly after installing IL-2 it would just crash constantly, usually while XP was loading or just after loading, so I eventually just gave up.

I think it has potential however, it seemed to run IL-2 no problem when it did, but I didn't have the patience to try to get it going (for the record I tried booting to safe mode to try disabling the drivers but the problem persisted, so it may be completely unrelated to the track IR/joystick/IL-2 and something else entirely).


08-06-2008, 09:50 AM
Hey, thanks for the replies guys. Leitmotive, I've got a PowerBook too, and yeah, it's not much good for games. It's been looking like the new MacBook Pro's have some potential though, so I don't know. Part of the problem is that they're quite thin laptops for the processing power IL-2 and other games need. I guess that's why they heat up so much and the fans go nuts.

Stingray thanks for the reply too. Could you tell me when you tried it out? Were you using the beta Boot Camp available with 10.4.x or the version that comes with Leopard? I've heard that Apple got the drivers together much better after the beta. What year did ya try it? I've heard that the drivers for Windows that Apple provides have been getting better and better, so yeah.


08-07-2008, 11:51 AM
yo rockgardenlove,

I tried it quite recently with the bootcamp drivers from Leopard, I don't think they were beta, I can't remember, but I think I downloaded the latest from the apple website, but my memory fails me here, but I was definitely using Leopard at the time, this was probably back in March or so.

For the first bit, the bootcamp experience was just simply **awesome**. I have never, ever in my life seen or used a computer run windows XP that fast (and I've owned some fast PC desktops). Everything seemed nice and stable; XP was super fast. So I installed Oblivion, if you are not familiar with Oblivion, find some screenshots, it is more of a work out for a PC than IL-2, and it ran great.

Then I tried to get IL-2 going, and somewhere along the line bootcamp, or XP, or one of the drivers I installed became very unstable, it would crash during bootup, or only a minute or two into the XP session, never at the same place twice, it was very strange. The Mac OS X OS was fine, so I was confident that the hardware was working ok.

I did get IL-2 running though, and it worked fine, pretty quick too. But somewhere along the line of getting the joystick, trackir, usb keyboard+mouse, external LCD monitor (with internal LCD disabled) something went haywire.

I think if you get it going the macbook pro will have no problem whatsoever running IL-2. The main problem of course will be heat generation, I am not sure how healthy 3+ hour sessions would be for heat build up, but there are a few things you can do:

- get a cooling pad
- disable wifi and use ethernet (the wifi antenna generates a fair amount of heat)
- get some software to control your fan speed and set the fans to max while playing
- maybe drop the graphics a few notches
- raise the laptop a few inches off the table with some blocks, or else the heat from the bottom heats up the table and enters a viscous cycle of heat build up

IMHO a PC desktop still can't be beat for gaming, you can build a machine more than capable of running IL-2 for probably less than 1/3rd the price of a macbook pro

edit: I will add that I have played a number of games in the Mac OS X side and it is fine too: Call of Duty 2, Neverwinter Nights2, WarCraft (I think 2 or 4, I can't remember the version), Need for Speed and it works fine, it gets a little toasty, but nothing to lose sleep over. I have an app in the menubar telling me the temp/fan speed so I always keep an eye on it.