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04-29-2010, 07:33 AM
I've just started the game. Sort of like midway through SQ3. I've found this game to be more like a GTA than AC.

Sure, giving more freedom to players is a good thing, but all the "memory start" 's, separate memories with different names actually make them more like mission than a continuous memory strand. Then there's a lack of the tactical element. Maybe it's just my playing style, but it's more "act first, then think of how to get away" rather than encouraging the player to plan things ahead and then act (scholars, vigilantes from the first game).

Buying of weapons and upgrades; having different weapon and clothing options; buildings offering services (blacksmiths etc.); a mansion of yours for income and to store/collect stuff TOTALLY reminds me of GTA: Vice City.

Is it just me?

04-29-2010, 08:15 AM
There are similarities if you look for them but no, ACII is not like GTA.

ACII has as much depth as the person playing it IMHO, if you lack the mental agility to be stealthy and think outside the box its not just gona happen on its own.

Customization was the main thing I thought was missing in AC, they did quite well with most of it in ACII but it could have been a lot more interesting if they'd expanded on the idea.

As I said if you look for similarities they will be there, from a lot of different games not just GTA.

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04-29-2010, 09:19 PM
I don't agree with the OP or the person who's thread was closed that complained about the stealth missions not making sense because people were allowed to see you. Neither his comment or yours are true really. There are vague guidelines in each mission, but you now have many options to plan what methods, routes, etc you use to carry them out, as well as what you do after. It's more open AND offers more strategy potential than AC 1 in that regard, not less.

When having to use stealth, it's typically either your targets and/or their fellow guards you must avoid being seen by, not random civilians whom have various reactions. Some civilians may run scared, some may scoff at you, some may call for guards. Point being even the general public if you're not careful enough could cause you to blow your stealth.

I really don't see the correlation between more open but less intuitive for planning. You mentioned Scholars from the first game. That was one part that was really a joke. All you had to do was walk into a group of them and Altair would automatically walk with them in cover, vs having to maintain your stride with them to avoid being spotted.

Then there was the clasp your hands in prayer to blend feature, even more laughable. Does clasping your hands suddenly make you look like a Monk even though your wearing assassin gear? I think not. In most ways this game makes more sense than the last, not less. It also has more variety, action and tools to encourage a well planned attack.

That being said, it DOES have it's glaring weak points. The combat is too easy, about a third of the puzzles are too hard, the AI is often brain dead, the camera is springy, the notoriety system is weak, and the one unlock in the game that attempts to account for the weak combat and notoriety involves taking loads of time collecting 100 feathers, which can't even be done until all map areas are accessible, (requires doing most of the story missions), and even then being fully notorious is not all that big of a deal.

What the game seriously needs is a harder mode of gameplay unlocked maybe by getting all the tomb seals and yet an even harder mode mode unlocked by getting all the feathers. As is you can skip buying any weapon or armor and easily beat the whole game. Hopefully AC 3 will have more depth in this regard, and for God's sake don't make a third of the puzzles so hard you need a rocket scientist in your family to help you solve them.

What's odd is the puzzles range from ones a child could do, to ones that even most college grads would find very hard, and all it unlocks is a short video that has no bearing on gameplay. That and fix the damn springy camera and that would solve most of the gameplay issues, aside from AI quirks in general that is. Then there's the DRM, a sore subject in itself.

It bears repeating though, that most, including myself, thought this to be better than the first incarnation of the series. Hopefully AC 3 will be even better.

05-03-2010, 04:26 AM
Originally posted by Robson19822009:
Also this should have been posted here. (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5251069024/m/9731093738)
Why? It's not specific to the PC version. And it's relevant enough as its own topic.

Back on-topic though, the IGN review was sub-headed "Grand Theft Gondola?" - I personally think it's taken some ideas which are in the GTA games, but probably got them from more AC-related games. Then reworked them for the AC universe, giving a more immersive version of what AC1 was. Basically, the changes just give more reason to explore the world, which is a good thing.

The shopping/villa aspects may have been included in GTA games, but they've been picked up by that series from other sources, so you can't really say AC2 copied GTA. It's using the ideas more like old-school fantasy RPGs do, so it's more likely to have copied one of them. Blame TES or something.

05-06-2010, 08:33 AM
I don't think anyone is copying anyone.

I, myself, personally think that Assassin's Creed is one the most original games out there.

Yes. There are similarities with GTA... But if it's an open-world, freeroaming game then there will always be similarities.