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08-31-2005, 08:39 AM
Hey oleg, hey everyone,
i'm not whenning here but just making a little point about de FM of the FW190. I'm not gonna talk about the speed or the roll rate or the dive speed but just about the flight in a straight line. (even if the 2 first hereabove should be discussed, but that's not the point for the moment)
With the 4.01 and the new FM for all planes, it became almost impossible to keep the 190 on a straight line due to the lack of trim on ailerons and on the rudder. According to the manuel of the 190A5/6 of which i have a copy in PDF and the info given by KATTENHUNDE from the WHITE1 COMPANY (if i'm not wrong), this plane was pre-trimmed on the ground by the mechanicians (on the ailerons and the rudder)
but, on the plane that we have in the game it looks like the ailerons and the rudder are trimmed at 0? on those 2 axles, so, the pilot is obliged to compensate those 2 axles on the whole flight just to keep the ball between the 2 cursors, something rather absurd on a real plane.
I retried the 3.00 version just to be sure, and was really surpised that in this older version of the game, the pilot could trim the 3 axles.
Now, supposing that it would be impossible to implementate the PRE-TRIM in the FM of the 190, would it be possible to allow the pilot to trim the plane by himself like in older versions?, cause it looks like the 190 is loosing a lot of energy, (thus speed) cause of his CRAB-Flight we have now.

Thanks for your time OLEG (at least if you read this)

08-31-2005, 08:56 AM
The FW-190 is trimmed to fly straight at cruise speed. If you are flying at max throttle and high speed then it is going to require some pilot input.

I just tested the FW-190 at about 55% throttle and speed of 250-70 mph. The aircraft was very well trimmed.

08-31-2005, 09:21 AM
That's where, maybe, the error is.
Reffering to the manual of the A5/6, the cruise speed of the 190 was 313MPH(505 km/h) at 0 Feet/meters with an admission of 1.20ata / 2300RPM and 379Mph (610km/h) at 6100Meters (20000 feet) (with the same admission/RPM).
So Oleg put the cruise speed a little be lower that it was on the real plane? That difference of speed could explain the trim problem.

BTW, thanks for your test.Beeing at work, it's not really easy to do it by meself. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif