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Chapter 1- The Brotherhood
Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in all of the world, is where all the “Fun” is at. The moon shining over the Venetian water. The sun rising in Romes gleaming dust and the wind blowing the leaves of Tuscany. But deep in the heart of Italy were 2 organisations, one known as the assassins, who work for the good of humanity. The other is the Knights Templar and they have the money, the power and the men they want. They hunt for a couple of items know as pieces of Eden.
Venice- 1498
Venice, the beauty of Italy. The rivers running through with the sun gleaming onto the waters. Francesco Vecellio, 23 years old was born into the brotherhood. Francesco was tall and thin for his age but was considered a perfectionist who grew frustrated over his short-comings. He lived in a small home near the docks. He had dinner ready on a large fire with a bowl of water. A man had opened the wooden door as he walked up to Francesco with a smile.
“Francesco, come bello vederti di nuovo, ho una grande notizia, Gli assassini gli altri hanno accettato di mettere il mio apprendista (Francesco, it’s so good to see you again, I have great news. The other assassin’s have agreed to make you my apprentice)” A man with a white hooded robe with a sword in a black scabbard with two blades sealed in bracers said.
“Really? That’s wonderful!” Francesco said with a laugh and hugs the man.
“Perotto, io non voglio essere nessun problema. (Perotto, I don’t want to be any trouble)” Francesco said as he grabbed hold of the nearest bench.
“It will be no problem at all” Perotto said as he placed a hand on Francesco’s strong yet small shoulders. Francesco put on a small pin on his velvet vest. His greaves were muddy as he noticed some mud outside the house.
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“My love, Lucrezia Borgia! Come outside!” Perotto shouted as a woman with a bright red dress.
“What is it you want my love?” Lucrezia asked as her eyes sparkled more than the moon in Venice.
“The baby! It’s gotten to Cesare and The Pope, they’re going to throw me into jail” Perotto says with fear as he hugs Lucrezia in his big musciliar arms.
“What if they find out you are an assassin?” Lucrezia asked as her faces looks worried.
“They won’t, I promise. Just remember I’ll always love you!” Perotto said as he kissed Lucrezia on the forehead. A sound of voices through the nearest door is heard by Perotto as he looks at Lucrezia and pushes her into the door and locks it.
“Perotto, you are sentenced to death by orders of the Borgia!” shouted a Papal guard.
“Fine, I’ll go peacefully” Perotto said as he raised his hands in the air. The guards took him to the dungeons and started beating him to a bloody pulp.

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