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08-07-2007, 07:08 AM
I have an idea that will incorporate all the old and new charectors.I am going to give u an indepth sight of it so you can see how cool and stylish it would be

It starts off showing pictures of new york with opening music to Driv3r (When it shows you miami) then up on the screen (In the DPL 2006 start font) New York 1994 then is shows u somewhere in the bronx then in the main charectors bedroom he is lying on the bed where the narrator say over the soundtrack Almost Cut My Hair by Crosby, Stills and Nash

(I am not sure of the charectors name yet so just make it up for now) Born April 5th 1976 came to america at the age of 15 his father dad when he was 17 and now at the age of 18 his mother just died the only person he has left in the world is TK his brother. Well I really should say step brother but with TK locked up (...) dosn't have much to live for. So he thought he would make it more interesting.

Screen fades to black song fades out and then you hear a car reving (Red one lie on the banner in this forum) it shows the rev counter going up then camera goes to the tires. Tire squeal start then like in DPL it shows you the car going really fast so the image is distorted. Then it shows you the titles, Ubisoft production blah, blah, blah,
After that the game comes up
Driver Wheelman's Circle (Soundtrack -Fans Kings of Leon)

Narrator- At 12 years old he could he could ride a bike better than Michael Shoemacker could drive a car but now hes uing his skills for a more simple reason than getting a title. He does it because he was the best. He run around all the petty criminals getting them out of sight of the boys in blue.

Then it's first mission getting away from the cops nothing to difficault. Then after that mission it goes to the gangs hiding place and it shows them not giving TK his share so he shots them all dead and walks off. A few days later the phone rings (He is in his flat) it's the big boys. A mob boss. He tells him to come and meet him in some multi story parking lot. Just like in the first driver you have to crash the car as much as possible while still leaving it drivible (You have to do this in style) once you have done that he says he has a job for you. You are the getaway driver in a pricless car theft. (Aston Martin DB9 - it's a special custom one)Once you get it in the mission after great difficaulty, blah, blah, blah u take it to the car park u where in at the start. He walks up to u and sya good job "heres tonight's winning lottery ticket."
(...) looks confused then the mob boss says "I have conections." While walking off.

(...) Wins the lottery and starts employeing other wheelmen to make himself a business a Wheelman's Circle if you will. Tanner is one of the wheelmen working undercover to gain information. TK gets out and joins aswell. Several other driver become part of it to. Then Vasquas (From the old driver's) comes to you with a business propesision, to kill of Lenny (Also from old Driver)he asks u because he is constantly watching Vasquez's every move. You kill Lenny and then go on a trip to Baghdadwith Tanner to make an arms deal. (Tanner is a back up) Driver.
Meanwhile Vasquez offers TK the opertuinity to kill Ray all he had to do was Kill his brother. He accepts, kills Ray and waits fo your return.
In Baghdad Tanner got the army to come to get you big gun fight then Jericho shots Tanner out of a window Tanner dies. You get back and Jericho comes to you saying how he knew about the rat in his business and wanted to be his Bdyguard. You let him then TK says Vasquez wants a meeting you go with him, It soon becomes aparent that TK and Vasquez are working together so you go and buy Corigan off Maria and bring him to the meeting. They (Like in Driver 2) pull their guns out on eachother and then a Police helicopter is heard Jericho pushs Vasquez back and shots TK you and Jericho run off without Corigan. The helicopter lands it was Vasquez's men he says just to leave Corigan and that TK was dead he flys off. Then Corigan gets on his knees over TK's body and screams with happyness. It then shows you and Jericho on the couch watching the news Corigan is talking about how he was captured Blah,Blah,Blah You turn round and say to Jericho want to go for a drink he says let's go. You both get up and leave the room.

Then The Credits Roll,
Email me on what you think

08-07-2007, 08:53 AM
Interesting story. Almost like a remake of previous games, using known Driver characters.

08-11-2007, 08:41 AM
I have a new idea for the opening scene to the story above. It also means that we can have an imagenary city with everything everyone wants.

Opening Scene

It's show 2 pairs of feet walking down a coridor (Music - Erik Mongrain / Timeless http://youtube.com/watch?v=8dXBZHehxAs&mode=related&search= )
They walk into a room and sit down. It's Tanner, someone hands him a file he browses through it and says "It will be done." He walks out of the room. It then shows you a view of the city and in the way said above it says. Undisclosed Location 1999. It then shows you the out side of some apartments. It then shows you inside of the new main charectors room he is lying on the bed. Then a voice narrates

David Martin Born 5th of April 1981. Born in Scotland came here at the age of 15. His Father did when he wa 16, He got into crime when he was seventeen and now at the age 0f 18 with his mother just died the only person he has left in the world is TK. His brother, I should really say step brother. His Dad qwnt to America before he meet his wife and well left his mark. But with TK behind bars Dave dosn't have much to live for, So he thought he would make things more interesting.
The screen fades you hear a car engine reving. You see the rev dial going up then theres nothing but the headlamps. You have a burn out start then it shows you going so fast that everything is blured (Like in DPL).
Then it says UBISOFT REFLECTIONS introduce (Blah, Blah, Blah) then it say DRIVER WHEELMAN'S CIRCLE

That's the first scene. I think the first mission should be the same as Driver 1's first mission.

In dash view
Passengers/ Be a Passenger
More things to do with your money
Extort Business' and then have them took off you by rivals
A Multiplayer mode where everyone is just thrown in the city (All money taken away and all safehouses/ Business' lost You have to win them before the other rivals
Hand to Hand Combat
Better shotting system
Over 100 vehicels and editional forms of transpot such as planes, boats, train
Choose charectors clothing
FULLY customizable vehicals (Like in Need For Speed Carbon)
In car radio with news readers talking about crime in the area. And it could have your music on it.
Cool menus
A Mobile Phone
Computers for your business' security music and downloadible locations for secrets cars, rivals etc
Shops selling cloths, Cars, Guard Dogs, etc and customization on car shops
Gym- Makes you more powerful

Possible Controls
Playstation 3 controls
I have stolen alot of ideas lol
R2- Gas
L2- Brake
R1- Shoot
L1- Lock On
R3- Look around
R3 Press- Get Back in Car After Shooting
L3- Steer
L3 Press- Horn
L1, L2, R1, R2- Thrill Cam
Triangle- Get Out Car
Square- Start Recording
Circle- Stop Recording
X - Action Button
Up Button- Change Song Up
Down Button- Change Song Down
Left Button/ Right Button- Change Weapon
Six Axis Left/Right - Steer
Six Axis Up- Nitro
Six Axis Down - Hand Brake

On Foot
X- Action Button/ Grab Ledge
Square- Start Recording
Circle- Stop Recording
Triangle- Enter Vehicel, door etc and Drop from ledge
L3/R3- Move/Camera Angle
R1- Shoot
L1- Lock On
L2- Crouch
R2- Jump (Move six axis to choose what direction you move in)
Left/Right Buttons- Change Weapon
Up/Down Button- Get out/Conseal weapon
Select- Phone (Includes map and other features)
Start- Pause Menu

Fighting System and Shooting System should be the same as The Godfather Game's

That's all I'm putting in right now.


08-12-2007, 01:59 PM