View Full Version : Ubi soft seriously come on with this game

12-25-2011, 11:25 AM
I have read the forum rules and with a risk of a ban I have to write anyways....

My history with this great game of ours which I still call Heroes of might and magic no matter what namechange you have put over it began with the second version of the game and I have so far bought every single version of the game since then and enjoyed them all a lot.

Now this game I have bought 2 days after releaseday and so far I have felt cheated and abused by you guys at Ubisoft+partners and if you guys are the ones making heroes VII then I have to find myself a new game, reason behind this is kind of clear in my opinion : you released a game which was like 50% done and full of so many bugs that it's close to a joke, just to name a few which annoys me a great deal :
My dynasty weapons never ever shows up in my dynasty tab//halfway thought a campaign they goes down to ZERO exp after beign a lvl 3 weapon in the last campaign map//random gamecrashes on a brand new pc=not a fault on my pc but with YOUR game//sending a halffinished game on the sales to get a phat profit from all the gamers like me who have looked forward to seeing and playing the new HOMM and simply had to buy this to see it and even after months it's still so buggy that it's close to worthless to play//

I could go on with my own personal buglist but really take a look at these forums ubifail and accept the fact that you released this game WAY too soon and start a refund round for those which will never ever talk good about your company cause we feel cheated.