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05-21-2006, 02:30 AM
For those who missed it...

So, the final version of IL2 Mission Log reader is ready

After a long time, after an amazing job done by my hawkynawa (More than 61 000 program lines...) after more than 5000 DL including 3 donations (thanks !), after correcting with you so many little bugs, we are now ready to say that the version is now a stable one.

It is with a lot of pleasure, we are proud to present you the final version of this program. Please feel free to download this latest version and forget all the other one. Only the .exe file is new and you will not need to download again the maps packs. For the last instalation just fill the correct path at the first start and enjoy these new features :

- read mission briefing
- Read in game Chat
- New script for trajectory and score. ( Works now !)
- Complete help
- Many bugs corrected
- Transparent icons and text on map
- New options for netcache reading ( increase speed)

By the way this final version will be also the last one. We consider the program enought complete to stop further devellopements.

Thak you all for you feedback and support. We try to do our best to give you the best tools ever made for IL2 and we hoppe that you will enjoy it for a long time.

Website (http://www.thinking-board.net/MLR/)
Forum (http://www.thinking-board.net/MLR/forum/)

05-21-2006, 10:34 AM
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05-21-2006, 11:37 AM
Fantastic news!
Thanks for all of your hard work and time http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

05-21-2006, 12:33 PM
Thanks !!
So maybe Stick this post would be a good thing ?