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12-11-2010, 10:14 AM
Hey all,

I have recently been pondering about what could be added to the Assassins Creed franchise, and more specifically, Assassins Creed 3. Whilst playing Assassins Creed Brotherhood, I came up with an idea.

How about, levelling? A levelling system. Not a ‘rank 1, rank 2, rank 3 multiplayer type levelling system, but a single player, fully integrated into the story at hand. As you progress through the game, you can level up in specific areas, and also you will have an overall rank, just so you can compare with friends.

There will be 3 (?) categories, and within each, a number of skills that can be levelled up. These skills will then level up its category, which, in turn, will affect your overall rank.

Below, I have compiled what each category and skill is.

Category 1 – Movement

Skill 1 – Free running. You start off at level 1. You free run quite slowly and you will not be able to pull of ‘amazing’ movement. When you level up, you will be able to free run much quicker, and you can unlock things which can coincide with the skill (eg, running shoes)

Skill 2 – Climbing. You start off at level 1. You climb very slowly, and you will not be able to do things such as grabbing a ledge after jumping from a very far distance/height. As you level up, you will be able to climb at much higher speeds, and unlock abilities such as climbing jump.

Skill 3 – Jumping. At low levels, jumping can be an issue. You will not be able to jump high or far, so, in a chase, don’t rely on jumping a massive gap. Levelling up will allow higher and further jumping. Skills can be obtained, such as wall run jump (?) and pivot jump (a new thing I invented. Running in one direction jumping, and then immediately jumping in another direction. Could be used to trick enemies and escape).

Skill 4 – Swimming. At low levels, only shallow water will be swimmable. You will swim very slowly, and you will not be able to swim underwater. At higher levels, more depths of water can be swam in, and the amount of time you can hold your breath underwater, will increase. Unlock special items such as webbed gloves, or mini flipper shoes (?).

Category 2 – Combat (this category rank can affect what weapons are available for purchase)

Skill 1 – Speed. At low level, you will fight very slowly. Attacks can be easily dodged by enemies, and it could get a bit of a nuisance when fighting fast moving guards. At higher ranks, enemies could have a tough time avoiding your attacks.

Skill 2 – Power. At low levels, attacks won’t deal that much damage. At higher level, attacks can be very powerful, and can be used to get through well armoured enemies.

Skill 3 – Defense. At low levels, blocking with your weapon can be easily penetrated. When higher levels are reached, more armour and shields(?) can be brought.

Skill 4 – Counters and disarms - At lower levels, disarms are near impossible. At higher levels, you can disarm enemies with heavy weapons, and countering will be more effective. For countering, enemies will be able to counter your counter when your at a low level.

Category 3 – Assassins Skills (levelling this up will increase the level of your hidden blade. The higher, the more powerful).

Skill 1 – Blending. This will be interesting, as at low levels, a bigger crowd is required to blend. When a higher level is reached, you can easily blend yourself in with small groups, possibly consisting of 1 or 2 other people.

Skill 2 – Leadership – If Assassins Creed 3 is going to stick with the Assassins Recruits aspect, then this skill can affect it. At low levels, you can only give simple orders, such as assassinate a target. At higher levels, you will be able to recruit more assassins and orders can get more complex. You will be able to call in an arrow shower, and you can call 1-2 assassins to follow you around, only leaving when you tell them to.

Skill 3 – Assassination – You will, at higher levels, be able to assassinate targets more discretely, and not be noticed by enemies. At lower levels, assassinations will be more obvious, for example, you may assassinate a target and you will not be able to stop screaming, or your method will involve a lot of movement (limbs swinging or a big thrust of the hidden blade to kill the enemy. At higher levels, you will be able to stop an enemy from screaming and you can keep the killing more controlled.

Skill 4 – Noise. At low levels, you will make a lot of noise, and your foot steps will be very loud. You will have to walk very slowly behind an enemy with him hearing you. At a very high level, you can sprint behind them and they wont hear.

That’s it for the skills and categories, now, about levelling. I have thought about this and have devised a system. Don’t forget that:
• You level your SKILLS (power, leadership, free running, etc)
• The level of your SKILLS affects the level of its CATEGORY (Assassin Skills, Combat, Movement)
• The level of your CATEGORY, will affect the OVERALL RANK.

Now, for the levelling.

Every SKILL you level up will increase its own CATEGORY rank by ½. So, you will have to rank up two of your SKILLS in the category to increase the CATEGORY rank by 1.
Every CATEGORY rank you have will increase your OVERALL RANK by ½, so two rank ups will increase your OVERALL RANK by one.

I hope this is clear, as it very hard to

Each SKILL will go up to rank 20. So, if all of the 4 SKILLS in each CATEGORY are levelled up to the max , level 20, then the highest category rank possible is 40. 4 SKILLS x 20 ranks = 80. χ 2 (as each SKILL rank will only level up the category rank by a ½) = 40.

Then if all the 3 of the CATEGORY ranks are up to the max, level 40, then the top OVERALL RANK is 60. 40 ranks x 3 CATEGORIES = 120. χ 2 (as each CATEGORY rank will only level up the OVERALL RANK by a ½) = 60.

Here is an example of what somebodies ranks could look like:

Category 1 – 24/40
Skill 1 – 20/20
Skill 2 – 12/20
Skill 3 – 16/20
Category 2 – 14/40
Skill 1 – 12/20
Skill 2 – 8/20
Skill 3 – 8/20
Category 3 – 16/40
Skill 1 – 18/20
Skill 2 – 10/20
Skill 3 – 4/20

I hope you like this idea.

PS – Sorry for the huge amount of text :P

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