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I saw something here about players using 'skins' on their personal aircraft. Is this possible, and where does one acquire these sking?

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Look in you computers list of programs, then look for Ubi Soft, then look for Pacific Figters (or Forgotten Battles or Sturmovik 1946). The folder is called *skins* and can be found inside the larger folder marked *PaintSchemes*. Each aircraft has it's own skin folder.

Download skins from the above mentioned sites (register for free), and put them in the correct aircraft folder in *skins*.

If you go to the quick mission builder you can change a skin by clicking on one of the buttons to the right of the aircraft selection arrow.
I think you will keep the skin of your own aircraft if you create a mission/campaign using the same pilot (create new pilots from the *pilot* button on the main game page).

If playing a single mission or a campaign you change the skin by pressing the *arming* button at the bottom of the mission brief: Just click on *aircraft customization* on the next page that opens (chose a skin from the drop down mnu that opens when you click on the arrow by the *skin* selection).