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01-02-2011, 01:01 PM
I as an assassin's creed: brotherhood player was highley disipointed with the length and ending of the game this game is like marmite u either "love" it or you either "hate" it and advise you not to be to excited to recieve this game as I was I was furiouse to find that i had this game for a week while having the game from the 25/12/10 and lasted till 2/1/11. I highley recomend you to do as much online play as you do on story mode please email your probblems and point of view to .

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And this thread says exactly what again?

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What a review! Splendid! Magnificent!
The grammar, punctuation and spelling are so amazing!
You should be accepted by IGN!

Now that we're over with that, I suppose you want prize, don't you?

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