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01-01-2005, 02:01 PM
Hey guys, I just got pacific fighters and a x800xt pe card for x-mas. Finaly got around to gettin in installed on my puter and was wanting to know what the best tweaks are for this game or settings from somebody with a system close to mine.
p4-3.0ghz 800fsb
1gb of ddr 400 ram
audigy 2gamer card
x800xt pe cats 4.12

I'm new to this game and just like the game i mainly play nr2003 im sure theirs a lot of tweaks out their for this game i did find a few tweaks on here, and did a search for x800xt and didnt really see anything s far as people settings. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
Thanx Glen

01-01-2005, 02:33 PM
coastie's page:


I use these on my 9800 pro (have a 3.0 and am audigy 2) with DNA 4.12 drivers

good luck

01-01-2005, 02:38 PM
On a system like thát? Should think ya won't need 'm..
There's not much tweakin' for this game. It's only needed when in trouble...

Ah, maybe this is a nice tweak suggestion:
If you want to play online, 'tweak' your system by getting the FB gold pack, that is FB (Forgotten Battles) and AEP (Ace Expansion Pack) into one. Then patch it up to 3.03M and go online using Hyperlobby software: Hyperlobby (http://hyperfighter.jinak.cz/)

Another 'tweak': Track IR (http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/index.html)
(I just got this yesterday, it's nice, but it needs getting used to....)

Main tweak is: Have fun!

01-01-2005, 06:13 PM
Thank you ASM1 i put that link in my fav. and use his settings.I just wanted to make sure i was doin the setup part for fb in custom, I know my system is decent fooltrottel i was just checkin like nascar 2003 you can change the texture set size and a few other things and gain a lil more fps. Been doin some train today since this is my first flight sim, got to learn this first before tryin the other games one step at a time.
I realized i needed a flight stick so i got a x-45 at best buy anbody have any good settings for that 2 . Thanx for the replys Glen