View Full Version : The weaponary evolution

11-28-2011, 09:26 AM
We can say, that the evolution of the game is obvious. But I'd like to know any ideas about this :
In the AC1, the only long range weapon was throwing knife. Actually, player had to do his best to survive the ground battle. As the time flew, there came a gun, slow and loud... But strong! Anyway it was the expierence for player. We've just to found out the best time for shooting. In ACB, the UBI shows the next long range weapon - crossbow. Its faster and more silent than gun. And at last, doesnt matter which long range weapon you're using - but the aim system is the same. Half - second aiming.
The point is, that whatever there was, whatever there is - They are teaching us, how to be ready for using a modern weapons.
I dont think, that Desmond will be wearing a sword under his hood. And I dont think, that he'll be using unsilenced gun. I'm sure, that the aiming system is going to be faster then its now. But the biggest dilemma is - will he have the last, grande role? Dont tell me, that the sucker, like himself, is going to save the world.