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09-20-2010, 03:25 AM
Hi all,

My first post here on the forums. never been a die-hard rts player, but i always liked strategy-, deception- and counter heavy games so ruse caught my attention.

I looked into infantry stats and thought i'd share it with you guys..

So whoís got the best infantry?? Thatís what this little post of mine is all about.

When examining all the stats of both light- and heavy infantry of all countries , youíll see there is somewhat of a standard unit. With a standard unit Iím meaning a unit whose stats are shared by most nations.

The standard light infantry unit travels at 24 km/h, has a resistance of 400, costs 5 dollars and does 20 damage vs .other infantry. The nations who have this standard light infantry are USAís G.I, UKís Regulars, the French F.F.L., and the USSRís Strelki.

This article mainly focuses on the units who differ from the above mentioned standard unit in both fighting vs. other infantry and enemy armor.

In the light infantry league we have the German Grenadier and the Italian Bersaglieri. Both share the same stats like all the other light infantry, with the exception they do 40 damage vs. infantry instead of the standard 20. So the other countries have to spend twice as much dollars to create a light infantry force equally strong to the Germans and Italians.

In the heavy infantry league things are different. The German and Italian heavy infantry arenít stronger, better, or cheaper than their other heavy infantry counterparts. So where they head an advantage in the light infantry league, itís gone when the heavyís take the field. The heavy infantry that dominates the other countries heavy infantry are the French Legionnaires and the USSRís Gvardiya. They do 100 damage vs. infantry where the others all do 80.

Now an interesting question is which heavy infantry is best? Well, you best decide for yourself: Legionnaires require no upgrade research, but cost 10 dollars where the Gvardiya costs only 5. So for the same amount the USSR can field twice as many equally strong infantry. The French on the other hand, not having to research their heavy infantry, can field the most powerful heavy infantry unit right from the start of the game, easily pwning all other infantry from early to late game.

Well, thatís about it on the subject on infantry fighting other infantry. What we really need infantry for is ambushing armor when hiding in forests or towns. So letís find out whoís infantry is best at that.

In the light infantry league we have units doing 125 damage v.s. level 1 armor and units doing 94 damage v.s. level 1 armor. The light infantry doing 94 are UKís Regulars, Italyís Bersaglieri, and the USSR Strelki. The other countries light infantry all do 125 damage vs level 1 armor.
Doesnít seem like too big of a deal at first sight, but donít forget that the ambush multiplier is x3. So, when attacking level 1 armor by surprise, a German Grenadier does 93 more damage than a USSR Strelki.

When looking at heavy infantry, you can see more differences. For example, the UKís Guards only do a tiny damage of 94, not a single point higher compared to their little brothers the Regulars. The Italian Granatieri does 125 points of damage, equally low as some other countriesí light infantry.

With 500 points of damage, the Rangers, Legionnaires and Gvardiya do a lot better blowing up stuff. However, the only true heavy hitter is the German Sturmgrenadier. Their panzerschreck do a whopping 1500 points of damage vs. level 1 armor. 1500 points for level 1 armor is overkill and not needed, but where the Sturmgrenadier really shines is when he is facing heavier armored units, doing even 150 points of damage (450 when laying an ambush) against level 5 armor.

Hope this was usefull, let me know if you think so. I'm planning to do kinda like the same with other types of units.

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Great article Heyenzzz, very interesting reading http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif.

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Originally posted by Axe_99au:
Great article Heyenzzz, very interesting reading http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif.


I posted the same article in the PC forum and some people replied with interesting additions. You should check those out too.

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