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03-06-2008, 05:30 PM
Hi guys, basically im a long time lurker on the forums. Its doubtful if you remember but my last post was about late war 09s (G/K) and good moves to pull after merges with spitfires. Definately learned alot from that post, and i really appreciate everyones input.

A brief outline before i ask my question. Though ive played few flight sims before, WWiionline about 4 years ago was the first one that i started to pick up and really enjoy. I have since stopped WWiiO for a bit (ill resub prob in a couple months) and was recommended il2. I absolutely love il2, and for all its faults it seems to be the best wwii combat flight sim that i have experienced. However, I miss the large scale fighting and sense of purpose that wwiio had. In that game, escorting bombers and strafing troops has a real impact on the map and the fighting, and was the reason i personally really enjoyed the game. WWiiO was about taking cities, and as a fighter pilot i did what i could to help that (intercepting transports, CAS, CAP etc). I definately play il2 for FUN and not SCORE, let me say that right now. I really enjoy full real servers or almost full real (ie warclouds), but often the experience is just log in, take off shoot down some stuff so your points go up and then land. repeat until you get completely owned and ragequit or until too tired to fly http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif However, i fell like its missing that long term goal that makes flying really fun and focused.

My new question is about "SEOW" and "Airforce War 2". I recently saw some posts about these two things and became very interested in them. To my brief understanding, they appear to be some sort of online air campaign, in which groups fight and wins/loses roughly affect the campaign. It also seems that the fighting is focused on primarily objectives rather than just "random dogfight encounters" that can sometimes explain full real.

Can someone explain exactly what these two things are, and/or any other fun things that can add to my Il2 experience by adding any long term objective based conflicts? Currently I am a student athelete in college, so my time is somewhat limited and I dont have enough time to consistently do any ladders/leagues or anything. What im really looking for is say, on friday nights a group of people log on and just run a few objective based skirmishes. If you can show up great we all are on X day at X time, and if not no worries. While i know that this is proabably alittle hopeful, any pushes in a direction similar to this would be greatly appreciated.


03-07-2008, 06:06 AM
SEOW allows two or more squadrons to define a war scenario. This will define the maps, planesets, ground forces and navy. There will be objectives which will determine the eventual winners - eg. capture of a city.

Both sides will plan their missions without seeing what the opponent is planning apart from what they have been able to deduce from recon.

Resupply of planes, tanks, ships is determined by you keeping factories in production.

So you have strategic bombing to destroy factories - and fighter cap missions to protect them. There is tactical ground attack against enemy ground forces, navy and airfields. You plan escort missions and you plan the movements of your ground forces.

The SEOW system will then generate a co-op mission file including both human and AI. The opponents fly the mission and the results (logfile)are fed back into the system which will take into account losses and recalculate any movement of the frontline.

What this means in practice is that the opponents meet to fly the mission once a week - eg. Sunday night and fly a 90 minute co-op. The results and map will go up on the website and the rest of the week will be spent with different people deciding strategy, planning ground, air and naval missions and training.

Then sunday afternoon we will generate the new mission and so on.

This will normaly run till someone wins or till about 20 missions.

So a war will run over 3-6 months.

Typicaly we are running two wars against different squadrons in parralel so there are missions every Sunday and Wednesday. The rest of the week is spent planning and training.

So it is completely different from mindlessly buzzing a fighter around a dogfight room.

You fly as part of a 15-16 pilot team, each pilot having a specific job to do, where individual and collective results are clearly seen and measured.

I don't think I'm letting away any big secrets here but bombing, ground attack and good management of ground forces typicaly win these campaigns. You may be the re-incarnation of the Red Baron in a fighter but the game is over when someone parks a T34 on your front lawn.

03-07-2008, 08:30 AM
I, too, will recommend SEOW for that "big campaign" experience, and the feeling that the mission you fly is but one small part of a much bigger, ongoing, picture. If you enjoy that sort of feeling, then you should enjoy SEOW a lot. Our squad just briefly tried it out in January, but have had to put it on hold while we are involved in the United Squadrons League competition. We are looking forward to getting back into it later in the year.

The SEOW website is here:

And the official forum is here:

Something else we have started looking at is Forgotten Skies, which appears to be something similar to SEOW, except that it supports dogfight servers as well as coop servers, whereas SEOW is based solely on coop mission.

Have a look here:


Due to the coop mission nature of SEOW, it is subject to the limitations imposed by the game itself, i.e. maximum number of 32 players, memory limitations of the game on certain maps, etc. A Forgotten Skies dogfight based campaign can support a lot more players, if that happens to be what you are looking for. OTOH, the beauty of the coop based campaign, is that, if not enough live pilots show up, then the AI will fill the remaining seats.

Oh, and there's this thread here by wing-vo, about VSI war, which I know nothing about, except that it uses DCG, and seems based in Europe or USSR:


03-07-2008, 01:17 PM
Thanks alot for the information, I will definately check out those links!

03-07-2008, 04:32 PM
The problem with IL2 in this regard, is that it was never invisaged for a protracted on-line war game.
Thus a few online war devs have had to make best with what was available.

An online war suites a tactical person, whereas a DF(etc) server suites a skilled pilot. There is 'blending' at the fringes of either, but maybe BoB:SOW might be better at this.

03-07-2008, 04:41 PM
you may want to check out the
Na Kane Pono
server on hyperlobby. be great if more
]folks flew it, but it may be close to what
you are talking about.

03-08-2008, 01:33 PM
What im really looking for is say, on friday nights a group of people log on and just run a few objective based skirmishes. On Wednesdays at 20:00 GMT and Saturdays on 21:00 GMT a group of people log on to the 102nd COOP server and fly this:
open-for-all SEOW campaign, Murmansk 1943 (http://www.242sqn.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=680)

TgD Thunderbolt56
03-10-2008, 08:18 AM
Forgottenskies has had some serious growing pains over the last year, but is still getting better every mission.

It has missions 3 times a week currently and can support up to 45 players PER SIDE which can make for some seriously heart-pounding and interesting engagements. Missions last for 90 minutes, but arriving 30 minutes early is recommended to get proper comms (and whispers) setup as well as get a briefing on the mission plan.

While all the air-to-air stuff is going on a ground war continues to rage and territories can be either captured or lost based on a few other criteria built into the FS code.

Matchups are typically year-specific and planesets are formulated based on both historical as well as balance requirements. Currently we are finishing phase II of the Kurland EF phase and will be preparing for phase III. Each phase is 20 missions and each campaign usually has 2 or 3 phases.

It offers considerable enjoyment for the virtual combat pilot regardless of your affiliation with Axis, Allied, Air-to-air or air-to-ground preferences.