View Full Version : FS Modded Thrustmaster Cougar and Simpeds

12-22-2009, 01:59 PM
Not sure what the rules on here are anymore regarding selling items since I have been absent for over a year. If this is the wrong place to post mods please move or delete.

I have not done any gaming for probably over a year now, so I am going to try to sell my setup. I have a HOTAS Cougar modded with the Uber Cougar NXT gimbals and HAL sensors that eliminate all the wear and deadzone problems of the stock Cougar. See here for some info on Cougar Mods. http://www.cougar.flyfoxy.com/mods.php In addition to the NXT, I have installed the billet aluminum speedbrake switches by IJ and replaces the stock rubber boot with a cloth one (see the previous site for information). I also have a set of Simpeds that I have modded to interface with the Cougar. These Simpeds have the gameport connection, but won't hook up to a standard gameport. Since they have been modded they only will calibrate correctly if done through the Cougar.

The setup was used for IL2. The stick action is very light and works great for prop sims. I can send pictures on request. I probably have about $900 in the whole setup, the NXT mod was done in 2006, but I haven't used any of it much in the last 2 years. The setup is up on ebay, item number 220530420508 and I will ship to US or Canada.