View Full Version : I hope this time Techland will release .msh plugin for MAX/Maya

05-12-2009, 08:49 PM
In Call of Juarez, the ChromEd can only add new map. If we have this plugin. We can create new objects and use in the singleplayer map.

05-16-2009, 01:03 PM
Hmm. Updates to the ChromEd are few and far between. I would be very surprised if Techland added support for anything, including plugins for ChromEd. They tend to ignore requests from their player community.

Following the release of the original Call of Juarez, Techland abandoned its player community. Due to the lack of anti-cheat software and the lack of multiplayer support, the game was overrun with hackers and exploiters. Many players were driven away in disgust by the rampant cheating. Every time you joined a multiplayer game, you would encounter a sniper camping "outside the map" via a terrain glitch.

If only Techland had interfaced with their fan community and provided a stand-alone server client (ala the Half-Life Dedicated Server tool by Valve Software), the original Call of Juarez would have had far greater longevity. The lack of substantive patches and technical support was appalling, especially in comparison to other game developers.

Techland needs to learn that part of being a successful company is supporting your games after they have been released. You must listen to your players and address their complaints. Valve Software and Blizzard Entertainment are prime examples of companies that supported their player communities and earned a great reputation because of it.

I hope Ubisoft -- as the publisher -- somehow influences Techland to better support their products with anti-cheat protection and multiplayer support.