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06-04-2005, 12:25 PM
With all the tweaking done from RUB1.3 and my own new RND and SCR files I was having a much tougher time. DDs are tougher and single ships much less. I was in very bad weather and could barely see past the bow when my WO said there was a ship at 50 and 3,000 yards .
I have gone up to one in this weather to find myself at 400 yards broadside to a destroyer, yep, black screen in a few seconds.
I was not going to let that happen again.
I dove to PD but could not see him. Went to Hydrophone and low and behold not only was there a destroyer (I felt smart not approaching now) but many unknown contacts.
A convoy!!!!
I had blindly run into a convoy, Horrido!!!
But, this DD was the left flank escort so I was too far away to get a shot submerged. The DD was making a nice straight course at low speed so I thought my many failed attempts to get one before (92% with only outside view for screenshots), I might have a better chance now.
I had to try or give up the convoy.
I kept moving in and you could not ask for better closing courses. I fired two and needed but the first. Now all I had to do was surface and charge the convoy before I was spotted and submerge up close. But, to be safe I kept submerged at flank speed to check where the other escorts might be. I could now make out the grey shapes of the convoy but saw no destroyers, assuming they were in front and behind. But, I saw something else that made me once again glad I was not surfaced. The huge grey outline of a Revenge class battleship. I was not going to be the first to find out what 15inch shells did to type VIIs. To add to the matter there was also a Fiji class cruiser. This was a troop convoy
I was way too far away for a shot at either unless I surfaced.
You see my dilemma (In my new RND file there are heavy escorts in convoys that really had them but at a 50% chance for either; both was not likely).
I decided to turn about and run a parallel course and get in its path and maybe get the big boy. If I could get some light I just might do it. I surfaced and the chase started. The WO announced a ship and I submerged. Seemed to far north but I could hear all the ships. Odd thing was as I tracked them they were going the wrong way, the opposite direction. A second blind interception of a convoy and again in a black night situation.
I was having bad/good luck.
This one had no flank escort and the lead escort was way out front. I charged in submerged and had a good line on a C2. Had to take what I could get and put all three into the ship to sink her. Again, my new RND file does not have level €œ1€ DDs (the RN was not bad at the beginning in real life, why should they be in SH3??) so I got a good work over that kept me down for over an hour.
I tried to find the original first troop convoy but could not decide if it was turning for Bristol or heading for Liverpool and the constant patrols in St George€s Channel made evading and searching very tough. But it also help to hide me.
With the RUB and my much tougher RND file this may not sound like a big deal, one c2 and a destroyer, but this is so much harder it is almost scary in some ways. I was having fun before, but now I feel like I am reliving a more realistic U-boat experience. For me that is more the point. A 10,000 ton patrol was meager before these latest mods. Now it much more satisfaction than the 100,000 tons that were way to easy, IMO
http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y152/Wulfmann/DD-blows.jpg (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y152/Wulfmann/DD-blows.jpg)

06-04-2005, 01:27 PM

Sounds so very intense Wulfmann! Also sounds like you're in for a heck of time with your newly modded files. Btw, I like and agree with the Thomas Jefferson quote in your sig.


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