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04-02-2011, 03:19 PM
So I was actually begining to wonder if there could be some new singleplayer DLC and I belive there was a thread here somewhere asking about a 2nd set.SO I feel to get some new DLC and also to solve the issue of not having the Ac2 robes in brotherhood intially.I began to think why not add something like Giovanni Auditore's sequence?

I know this might be odd but Desmond is just freely scanning Ezio's life at the end of Brotherhood.So what if he somehow plays into Giovanni's lifetime?Like for example he somehow finds a location to a temple or manage to find the location of a piece of Eden *COUGH(shroud)COUGH*.I just think it may solve the problem of not having the Ac2 robes as those could be unlocked via DLC.And also it can give more singleplayer fun and be just plain fun.

So premise mabye since Giovanni was late to Ezio's birth mabye he could be coming back from the end of that sequence and lead into Ezio's life.So mabye defending lorenzo or fighting templars.We dont know much about his time before Ezios birth but mabye also play out some of his missions before the events of lineage.Going behind his family's back and causing deception and keeping his family unaware to his lineage.A gameplay idea could be keeping noteriety as low as possible as word of an Assassin might scare his family just saying this might be kind of fun but also I would like to know what you guys think he did before Ezio's birth like why was he LATE?

04-03-2011, 06:31 AM
i totally agree i would love a dlc where you play through the sequence from the Lineage film it looked really cool you get to explore Milan and see what rome was like before the borgia came to power0also i think giovannis robes are less conspicuous than ezios i mean come on!-i ACB ezio has those long gleaming white robes and as cool as the outfit was i want to see a more subtle outfit on the assassins so they blend better