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Q: What was the purpose of Allied invasion stripes markings?

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As the man says. They were first used to stop AA crews on the south coast of the UK from shooting down allied planes. In 1944 thousands of AA guns were placed in a 200x40 miles stretch on the South coast of the UK to shoot down V1's.

In some cases 'invasion' stripes were removed or made less obvious on PRU and armed recon aircraft like Tempests, PRU Spits and Mustang MkIII's.

12-05-2005, 10:00 AM
It was also to keep the Allied invasion fleet from mistakenly shooting their own side.

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I always thought this would be obvious, it definately wasnt to look pretty.

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Comrades, check this out http://www.flyingbombsandrockets.com/V1_into.html for scarey V-1 engine cut out/silence/impact recordings.

The first V-1s hit the UK more or less a week after D-Day, so the stripes were intitially to prevent fratricide over the D-Day beaches rather than amongst anti-V1 defences (unless there was a significant level of anticipation that I'm not aware of, wouldn't be the first time). I think there are examples of striped RAF or associated aircraft (Norwegian?) that significantly predate D-Day, generally on the upper enginecowling, which served to identify Allied aircraft.

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With the sheer volume of allied aircraft over the beachhead, the proximity of US/GB air forces and a history of mis-ID (P-51=Bf109, Tiffy/Jug=Fw190) its not only a ground based ID aid but also air-to-air.

Remeber that prior to '44, most USAAF units were 8th AF, whose fighters were involved primarily in escort sweep ops and were operating in a very different role (and often areas of NW Europe)from the RAF. Then suddenly you throw in the 9AF operating right next door to RAF 2nd TAF with young eager pilots on both forces itching for a fight; trouble brewing!!! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

Thats why the ID stripes were initially wraparound, and a mixture of operational efficiency, continental airfields concealment needs and a lingering problem with friendly AA fire meant that later (from I believe August 25th) only the undersides were present - indeed, confidence, or rather lack thereof, in the recognition skills of the Naval and Army AA gunners meant that on D-Day itself the air patrols over shipping were exclusively flown by P-38s, on the assumption that it would take a special kind of idiot to mistake it for anything in the german inventory!

The markings themselves originate from a set of underwing ID stripes initially invented for the typhoon - these monsters haring around at very low alt over england were often mistaken for hit-&-run Jabo 190s so a 7 stripe pattern very similar to the later D-Day style was introduced.
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12-05-2005, 08:22 PM
Typhoons and Tempests wore black/white stripes before D-day under their wings. There was 4 black, 12" wide and 3 white, 24" wide. The Typhoon got these markings in 1942.

12-05-2005, 09:40 PM
The stripes were removed fairly quick to prevent German AAA from spotting them. A big Kick me to spotters.