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09-22-2005, 04:29 AM
This is the 18th post in a series of topics on the Revised Aircraft & Cockpit Reference Guide that i am working on. It will contain all planes this time blah blah blah ...
The point is that i need your tips, suggestions and corrections for the easy-to-print aircraft guide that i am working on. To get an idea of what that is you can download the old version (check my sig).
Lockheed P-38 "Lightning" (`43,`44)
The P-38 Lightning was a unique aircraft which despite an unconventional design performed very well in a variety of roles and played a significant part in winning air superiority for the Allies. On 18 April 1943 16 P-38s of 339th Squadron took off from Guadalcanal and covered 1770km to intercept the Japanese bomber carrying Admiral Yamamoto while he was on an inspection tour of his forward based.
Maximum Speed (P-38J/L): 570/560km/h at sea level and 670/660km/h at 8000m).
Climb to 7500m in 9/8min. Service Ceiling 13400/12200m.
¦ The major weakness of the P-38 seems to be the very stiff control in high speeds, especially in dives.
¦ Although large for a fighter, the P-38 can pull off impressive manoeuvres; It turns well (particularly with combat flaps), has no torque and even features an airbrake.
¦ Very few planes can follow a P-38 in a 10% climb.
¦ To perform a hammerhead manoeuvre go into a steep climb and when speed is about 120mph kill the throttle in one of the engines and then give full aileron and rudder in the direction of the dead engine.
P-38J: nose - 4x12.7mm Browning (500rpg/39sec), nose - 1x20mm Hispano M2 (150rpg/14sec).
P-38L: nose - 4x12.7mm Browning (500rpg/39sec), nose - 1x20mm Hispano M2 (150rpg/14sec),
wings gunpods - 2xdual.50cal (350rpg/27sec).
Douglas SBD-3,5 "Dauntless" (`42,`43)
Designed as a scout and dive-bomber, the SBD performed very well as the main attack plane of the US Navy's carrier forces in the early stages of the War in the Pacific, particularly in the battle of Midway <span class="ev_code_GREEN">[improved]</span>. The SBD-3 introduced self-sealing and larger fuel tanks, armour protection, bullet-proof windshield, and four machine guns. The SBD-5 featured a more powerful engine (1200HP) and reflector gunsight. In total almost 6000 units of all variants were built.
Maximum Speed: 360km/h at sea level and 405km/h at 4500m). Climb to 4200m in less than 9min.
¦ The SBD can absorb a lot of damage and still return home.
¦ It was an extremely accurate dive-bomber, so use it as such.
SBD-3,5: nose - 2x12.7mm Browning .50 (350rpg/30sec), rear gunner - 2x7.62mm Browning .30 (500rpg/30sec).

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For the P-38 tips i took many from a very recent thread, so it's alright. However, about the SBD i don't really have much to say. Maybe someone who flies it a lot will. Hm? Anyone?

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==11 types to go==

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awesome job http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

don't forget the SBD's role at Midway

i could be wrong, but i believe you use Shift+F1 to bring up dive bomb sights

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the P-38 radiator is automatic as default http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

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oops. right http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/35.gif