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Note: I do not intend to copy anyone ideas nor disrespecting people's belief and religion

Now I made one theory before, Now i Guess im absolutely sure about this one, We know that Lucy Dies, and also people believe lucy is a templar, where i cant find the facts of that since i do believe it true aswell. Now your wondering how the hell did Ezio come to the same place, in the beginning of the game in one of the sequences, if notice when he was talking to leonardo he put the apple of eden down, and then said hes words mean the truth that is Ceasar or what ever hes name is came back, because the begginning of the game he fought him and aslo you complete the whole story of that game in once of the sequence, where u see Ezio drops him down of the tower. So thats why it suddenly changed when Ezio put the apple of eden in a hidden area. Now You guys must notice there are alot of TRIANGLES in Assassins games, Where is it the Animus Logo, Or The AC Logo, The Armor Trialge and all the Numbers which not decripted in Triangle in the ending of AC Brotherhood. And then at the very end u see The Symbol which resembles the logo of the Illuminati, This is telling us one thing. The Templars ARE the Illumniati and the non believers are Assassins, In Islam, They Said one day there will be no power(like electiricy) and also no modern day guys or such things like that, where people will have to use horses, Swords, arrows etc. To fight and it will be a big war. So if this was right, then i guess.....

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What? I don't understand.

The Eye of Providence is a religious symbol, depicting the eye of god.

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We already know that Templars are the Illuminati... I found that out after AC1...

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Dude in the beginning Desmond can't go to sequence 9...thats why we see only a little of ezio fighting....

01-02-2011, 10:23 AM
Desmond stabs Lucy in the stomach, not the heart, so we dont know if she's dead or critically wounded.

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1)Desmond 'stabbed'(We all know it was you, Juno!) Lucy in the abdomen, we can't say for certain that she is truly dead.
2)Your a little late to the party with that revelation..
3)Sliced bread is still better than anything else that ever existed(Except for the FSM).

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Originally posted by chizzy12:
Dude in the beginning Desmond can't go to sequence 9...thats why we see only a little of ezio fighting....

Yeah indeed. That's basicly why we have the game. If they could acces the memory they wanted straight away, the game would be like 20 minutes (credits included)

Imagine AC without having going through the memories:

vidic; "mr miles we need a memory of you, take place in the machine."
Minute later
vidic: "thank you, that was easy",


You need to be "eezed in" or however you write it

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