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11-25-2009, 04:13 AM
Hey gang,

Just wondering, do the 3 tombs unlocked by the code in the Black Edition have locations marked on the map?

I THINK the one in Florence was mapped as a Templar..tomb..area...thing. It had a red graphic over the door, wasnt marked on the map and I couldnt interact with it, then suddenly appeared on the map after saving you-know-who outside the church.

I got a message from whats-her-name by the Animus saying something about how she'd found Templar areas or tombs or something, and suddenly the place Florence unlocked tomb showed up on the map and I could enter it.

Was it part of the story?

Do you have to go through the story before they become unlocked?

Are they shown as Tomb(s) on the map or Templar areas?

I know the other 2 are in Venice, just want to know what to look out for so I can identify them as the unlocked content and not just part of the story.

I also saw the unlocked Florence tomb one had a Templar symbol next to it in the database under places.

It may say so on the paper in the disc case with the code on it, but I dont have the case with me, its back in the UK.

Many thanks for the help!

11-25-2009, 04:38 AM
you have to get to that point and save him before they start showing up on the map, the fist of the 3 maps is going through that persons house and saving him. but the fact is these are like assassins tombs you may as well just do them as you find them as I don't think the story ever sends you to them.