View Full Version : HALP! Stuck on "Scrap Happy Rabids" level

01-18-2010, 11:02 AM
I am so frustrated! What do you do after you get to the roof? Thank you!

05-25-2010, 04:29 PM
dont know if you are still stuck, but if you drop off the roof into bomb area then you can go left into area with red rotating arms, then back across bomb area through gate into where the carpet cleaner is.

05-26-2010, 09:42 AM
Baldsurfer... thank you for responding, but yes, we finally got it! What an awesome game, it is by far the best game I have bought for my Wii.

05-27-2010, 09:33 AM
As a matter of interest have you opened the bonus levels after king of the pile? We have had 31750 several times and have not been able to access it.