View Full Version : where are the saved games stored on MAC

10-25-2004, 03:46 PM
I have just purchased MYST 4 Revelation DVDROM for use on my MAC.

I got quite far in the game and saved the game at regular intervals, but due to some minor problems , I copied the fully installed game to my other hard drive to save the game where i was , but upon copying the game back to my original hard disk after re-installing my system software to resume where i left off the game didn't save my game play and had to start again from the beginning.....

Could you please help? where does the game store the saved games? so i can back this file up also.

I am on a G4 powermac 867mhz with 768 RAM and 8x pioneer 107D running MACOS X (10.3.5) panther

thank you from kevin sharkey

10-25-2004, 08:40 PM
Wow, great question. We have any Macinists out there that happen to know an answer to this?

On the PC it's in the My Documents folder.. Check your home directory?

Search your hard drive for myst4 ?

10-28-2004, 10:18 PM
Look in yourHD/Applications/Ubisoft/MystIV/save

I just tried to open one of those savegames. This made it useless. It simply disappeared of the load pannel in the game.
I'm working on this... Something related to dates of creation and modification...
Maybe it explains why copying your game (saves included) didn't work...

OK, I'm back to edit this...
I played a bit with those savegame files.
1. Unless you know exactely what you're doing, edit data inside one of those files corrupts it and makes it useless.
2. Renaming the save file, copying it somewhere else doesn't do any harm.
3. Changing dates of creation/modification in the file finder info doesn't do any harm.

Whiteshark, if you wanna give it a try. just PM me. I send you my saves...
About 10 files... So far I stopped at the Mangree puzzle (not done) in Haven after having half solved Spire...