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01-10-2011, 09:18 PM
this is my list of things that need changing in this game. the fact i have so many complaints and still like the game is a testament to what a great game it is, i guess. some can be patched others prolly have to wait for ac4 but in my opinion they need changing...this isnt about bugs either these are design not accident.

a game this big a beautiful doesnt deserve the the narrow checkpoint and corridoor treatment its been givin here in acb. the coloseum with my target at the center and i still dont get any freedom, no choice except to run through the next check point or quit. when there arent actual narrow cooridoors to run through, there are imaginary ones with check points, and my least favourite the un-invisible wall. will it break the game to let me have freedom of movement from the beginning? this huge world deserves a more grand theft auto style approach to missions, although replayability goes against dlc dogma doesnt it? the high point of my game was the borgia towers and the way u could do them however u wanted. too bad by the time u get access to the whole map and gear/ abilities u had in ac2 back, they're mostly done.

make them all skippable, yes even the assassins graduating and the kid crying for his mommy, i forget the others but a few werent. stop with cinematics every 2 mins...skipping them takes longer than watching them unless its a long one (and u know this before hand), then when uve skipped it your goal is to walk ten feet and have another cutscene? i understand your wanting to make it like a movie and all but theres a reason im playing this not watchning a movie. i dont want to sit and stare at load screens/ cinematics after the first playthrough. replayability is far more important to me than a cinematic experience, i got bored of this game way too fast. a disable cutsceen option so u dont have to load back into the game, they just dont happen at all perhaps? and things u have to do a LOT of like buying property need speeding up for the same reason.

for a game called assassins creed its starting to feel alot more like "tourguides creed", im spending the majority of time running and collecting, not killing. having random target assassination missions u could play anytime and always is essential. how hard to pick a random npc drop him down with guards and u have to kill them, or walking through a crowd and get more money for not being caught, so on so forth...

dont touch my camera! ever. i dont care if im looting a body or in some hay i dont want any interference with the camera. to stand up after looting a body and have no idea which way u were going because it snapped around on u while u were looting...complete and utter crap. ide really like it if the lock system didnt mess with it either, show them on map plus a direction thingy like when your being chased thats all, no siezing control or altering my camera pls. try moving the camera during a wait for purchased property to load and u can get it to go upside down fighting with the cinematic angle they programmed in.

having free run at the l/r keys would make looking around while running alot easier.

is it just me or does flying tackle and mini leap off semi high ledge both have the same controls (direction + r1 + O)? i dont think tackling an npc has ever been the one i wanted to do, pls make it loackable only, or dont allow it on civ's if that wont work for some reason. has there ever been a time when uve actually wanted to tackle a civi? not in the middle of that chase with a pickpocket im sure...lockable pls.

stealing guards uniforms anytime as long as body is hidden or not found u can use it to infiltrate. maybe hold r1 + O to steal uniform or something.

i like hearing sounds when i play but im absolutly sick of hearing ezio grunt when he hits the ground, and "ye-haw" on his horse, way louder than any other sound i have sfx at 1 voice at 10 and he still "arghahr" when he hits the ground too loud. when the horse gets stuck on a ditch or something he does it like four times in a row he yaw he yaw heyaw. the volume and frequency of these two things needs to be lower ..im done with this point now.

tunnels need to be accessable from the menu. often the distance to the nearest tunnel + the distance from your destination to its nearest tunnel + load times is greater than just running it. as long as no ones fighting or suspisiously chasing u, menu tunnels would be an improvement. (meaning not having to get to a tunnel to use them)

i love the multiplayer too and the only real problem ill mention here is the load/ connect times, are crazy (10-40 min). play now works to speed it up IF u dont care about game type but i only like advanced wanted. team doesnt have the dual role i like, so play now isnt an option i use.

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You can skip cut scenes.

01-11-2011, 12:51 AM
Is it just, me or are other people tired of people comparing every single open world game to GTA?

Most of your problems can, be solved with patience.. May I also ask what a mini ledge jump is? Also, other than Leonardo's machine and the parachute, we cannot fly...

So whats a Flying air tackle?

01-11-2011, 02:40 AM
The camera changing on its own, after I renovate something, always messes me up.
Its like I have to wrestle with it to get my bearings.

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Please post in the above linked Thread.

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